With the advent of distance learning programs, education for all which seemed like a distant dream has become a reality. Now a student who cannot attend on-campus classes can enroll in them without ever having to set foot on-campus. Prestigious universities are offering online courses to those who otherwise would not be able to attend them on-campus. In addition to the spread of education through distance learning programs, many are now finding their distant dreams and professional goals achievable through online career resources. Online education is making more people qualified for various professions like nursing, emergency medical technician, physical therapy, midwifery, personal trainer, computer programming, police officer, fashion design and more. Online careers resources are an ideal source for searching for that promising career.

Online Careers Resources
In addition to visiting your university's career counselor's office, searching your profession online is another great way to begin that promising professional journey. For example, The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that the nursing profession has promising prospects in the coming few years. Registered nurses are to grow in numbers at the rate of 26% faster than the average for all other professions in the 2010-2020 decade. They were earning in excess of $60,000 per year (median salary) in 2010.

Online career resources also predict a bright future for the emergency medical technicians (EMTs). Usually the first members of the healthcare team to respond to a 911 emergency call, they provide initial and basic medical care to the patients. BLS predicts an even better future outlook for EMTs; the sector is expected to grow 33% faster than the average for all other professions in 2010-2020 decade. BLS also reported that EMTs earned a median salary of more than $30,000 per year in 2010.

Benefits of Online Education
Various accredited online institutes provide courses and degree programs to become a registered nurse, EMT and more. Online courses and programs are ideal for:

  • Those with full-time jobs who are looking for a career change or excel within their careers.
  • Those who are mature students and do not want to study with students younger than them.
  • Those who are looking for cost-effective courses and degree programs.

With employers hiring graduates of accredited online institutes, online education itself has a great future ahead of itself. Online career resources are the newer and the better version of school, college and university based career counselors, which are only one click away and mostly provide their invaluable services free of cost.



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