How To Become A Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are some of the most talented artists who create visual concepts either by using computer software or hand; they communicate ideas to captivate, inform, and inspire their clients. They give identity to organizations by creating logos or images for them that represent a particular identity or idea. In 2010, there were more than 250,000 graphic designers in the United States, earning more than $40,000 per year (median salary), and their numbers are expected to grow in the coming years. The US Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 13 percent growth (2010-2020) in the industry, which is a faster growth rate than the average for all other professions.

What Do Graphic Designers Do?
During the course of his or her professional life, a graphic designer will perform the following duties:

  • Meet with clients to launch a promotional campaign
  • Strategize with clients to reach a particular audience
  • Design and create images for the promotional campaign
  • Present the promotional campaign to the clients
  • Finalize the promotional campaign in accordance with clients recommendations
  • Review the campaign for errors before launching it

If you are wondering whether graphic designing is for you then consider the following qualities that may make a successful graphic designer:

  • Artistic ability
  • Creativity
  • Computer Skills
  • Communication skills
  • Time-management skills
  • Teamwork

How To Become A Graphic Designer?
Now that you have decided to pursue a career in graphic designing, you need to know that graphic designing requires formal education and training. Graphic designers have a bachelor's degree in graphic designing or an equivalent field. Students will take courses in website design, printing techniques, commercial graphics production, computerized design, principles of designing, and studio art Taking basic courses in designing and art during high school could help you prepare for the courses you will toke in college.

Online vs. Traditional Programs
Graphic designing courses and degree programs are also offered online. Online education could suit those students who are looking for a career change, but do not have the time to attend on-campus courses and programs. Older students may also prefer online graphic designing courses, as they may like to study independently from the comfort of their home or may feel uncomfortable being in classes with younger students. Online education is also popular among those who are looking for cost-effective courses and programs. Students may find online courses and programs to be cheaper than traditional courses and programs because they will not have to pay for transportation costs, dorm rooms, meal plans, and most textbooks.

Initial Professional Years
For the first 3 years, graphic designers will be asked to perform basic level graphic designing. With enough experience, they can advance to supervisory, creative or art director, and chief designer positions.

Who Hires Graphic Designers?
Graphic designers work in studios where they have access to computers and drafting tables. One of the main attractions of the profession is the independence of work; many graphic designers work independently. Others may choose to work for specialized graphic design firms. In addition, graphic designers are also employed by directory, book, periodical, and newspaper publishers.

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