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The human services industry has been contributing to the community for decades. Human services professionals are helping thousands of people overcome various obstacles in life and improve their standard of living. A social worker is a common example of a human services occupation. From the ill to the disabled and from immigrants to victims of abuse, human services workers are dedicated to help these people acquire basic needs. There are basically two types of human services: social services and mental health services. Many non-profit organizations and federal agencies have been set up to provide counseling, finance, guidance, and support of all forms to people in need.

Human services careers are among the few occupations that actually give back to the society. Individuals who want to pursue a career that brings a sense of achievement may choose this field. There are many different career paths one could pursue in this industry. However, education and skill is necessary for any kind of human services job. Individuals should seek higher education in human services from accredited colleges and universities. A doctorate in human services may also be pursued online.

PHD in Human Services
A PhD in human services is the highest form of degree you could earn in this field. The program is designed to help students acquire a complete understanding of human services leadership and research. Throughout the program, students will learn about professional practices, policies, legislation, and how human services impact the community. Students also gain insight on the recent development made in this industry, and how various organizations collaborate with health agencies, public safety agencies, and public administration agencies to streamline human services delivery process.

The program components usually entail research and a dissertation. Students pick an area based on their interest and conduct thorough research using quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Students may be in favor of a certain topic, or against it. In either case, students are required to provide sufficient reasoning and must complete a dissertation.

Most schools offer specialization options in their PhD in human services degree program. The area chosen for specialization will determine the career-path a student may pursue. Listed below are a few options:

  • Clinical social work
  • Public health
  • Social policy analysis, and planning
  • Human services administration
  • Disaster, crisis, and intervention strategies
  • Military families and culture

Career Prospects
A PhD in human services will allow you to qualify for directorship level and executive level job positions. You could work in various non-profit organizations or federal agencies. Many individuals with this degree may be seen working as case managers, director of human services, social services supervisors, and even as community programs directors. If you are interested in teaching at a university or college, a PhD will grant you the title of professorship that will lead to teaching opportunities. The income level is likely to vary slightly from job to job and will also depend upon the organization you join.


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Q:I am planning to enroll in a phd in human services, but I'm not about the admission requirements. Can you tell me?

A:The admission requirements will vary from college to college. To enroll in any doctoral degree, you must have a masters and a bachelor degree in hand. Other general admission requirements may include CGPA scores, admission test scores, and letters of recommendation. It is best that you get information about the admission requirements from a college you want to enroll in.

Q:How many years or months do I need to complete a Doctoral in Human Services?

A:Doctoral programs are post graduate degrees. These can take anywhere between 5 to 7 years to complete. The duration of the program will depend upon a number of factors such as research project, thesis, pace, and the institute you enroll in. The course contents are advanced in nature and require you to have a thorough understanding of the field.

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