Master in Business

The business industry has become more competitive in recent decades, and has increased the demand for skilled managers. Many individuals are preparing for managerial careers in organizations by equipping themselves with management qualifications. Management is a vital function of all corporations, and is necessary for coordinating different business activities related to finance, marketing, recruitment, and manufacturing.

The career opportunities that come with a management degree are vast and challenging. Business degree programs are available at associate, bachelor, master, and doctoral levels. These programs focus upon business principles, and equip students with managerial skills. Many students enroll in business degree programs each year and prepare themselves for administrative or managerial careers ahead.

Master in Business
A master's degree in business will help you acquire in-depth information about management principles and strategic planning. The program could qualify you for careers in various fields such as marketing, finance, investment, and even e-commerce. Typically, the program is completed in two years. Most business schools offer two year master's degree programs. However, there are some colleges that offer a one year master's degree in management. During the program, individuals will acquire a thorough understanding of current business trends and administrative techniques. The curriculum will cover a series of subjects that shed light upon basic managerial principles, economics, marketing strategies, finance, and more areas.

Learning about these fields in business is necessary to pursue careers ahead in the competitive industry. A master of business degree will provide students with analytical skills, communication skills, and a broad understanding of key business areas. Students are required to complete all the curriculum components and acquire the minimum number of credit hours for completing the degree. Listed below are a few areas for specialization that one can choose from:

  • Marketing and promotions
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Supply chain and logistics
  • Administration
  • Organizational behavior
  • Human resources management

Choosing the right area for specialization is an important decision because it could determine your career path. Students are advised to pick a core course that suits their career goal as well as their interest.

Career Opportunities
Business administration master's degree programs are ranked among the most popular degree programs. Students with graduate degrees may seek better paying jobs in a wide range of industries ranging from services to manufacturing. Since management is a vital component of all industries, the demand for managers and executives is always steady. In fact, management is one of the few employment areas that have shown considerable growth in recent years. This program leads to many challenging management careers in organizations. Graduates could work in marketing departments, supply chain departments, and even logistics, depending upon the area of specialization. The income level will vary from place to place. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has provided the median salary figures for all kinds of managerial personnel. Listed below are a few job positions along with salary data issued by BLS:

  • Administrative and services managers - $81,080
  • Advertising and marketing managers - $115,750
  • Compensation and benefits managers - $95,250
  • Financial managers - $109,740
  • Top executives - $101,650


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