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In an attempt to maintain and boost their market share, business organizations essentially rely on the use of advertising, marketing and promotional campaigns.  Professionals who are skilled in the advertising field are needed to plan, direct and organize these campaigns. Master in Advertising programs are tailored to meet the future requirements of these professionals.

Program Objectives
The Master in advertising degree program aims to achieve the following:-

  • To develop the skills required to solve contemporary marketing problems through creative, technological and strategic perspectives
  • To provide a strong understanding of the principles of digital advertising
  • To produce graduates who are proficient in the communication of ideas by making use of persuasive skills in oral presentation and writing
  • To understand the science and art of consumer behavior in order to make strategic media decisions

Admission Information
This program accepts applicants from diverse fields, even those with absolutely no background in advertising. Candidates for admission to this program need to have at least a bachelor's degree. In most schools, admission criteria are based on undergraduate transcripts, work experience, standardized test scores and personal references. If your first language is not English, then scores from the TOEFL exam need to be submitted as well.   Other requirements for admission vary from school to school.

Program Description
This program places strong emphasis on becoming skilled at different modes of achievement in the advertising field. This includes creative expression, original research, scholarly teaching, and intellectual leadership. Students are able to acquire a broad range of skills related to conceptual and critical thinking skills, page layout, computer design and copywriting. In addition to this, they will have the opportunity to develop expertise in a specialized area such as research, account management, media planning, new technology, creative strategy, and advertising sales management.

This program generally takes one to two years to complete. Some schools offer part-time programs that enable students to complete the coursework in a more convenient duration.  Students interested in this field can also pursue an online advertising degree.  This format is particularly preferred by working individuals who have limited time to pursue their educational goals.

Program Curriculum
Following is a list of some of the courses that are typically offered in such a graduate program:

  • Branding and Creative Development
  • Interactive Media
  • Advertising Theory
  • Advertising Research Methods
  • Content Analysis
  • International Marketing
  • Advertising Management and Strategy
  • Mass Communication

In addition to these, students are also required to complete a project or thesis in some programs. Completing an internship during your program is also recommended by some schools.

Future Paths
Graduates, who have a Master in Advertising, can possibly find job opportunities. They can join the professional advertising community and work in various roles, including that of a Promotions Director, Advertising Manager, Retail Advertising Sales Manager, and Marketing and Promotions Manager.  Some graduates may also be possibly hired to work as advertising teachers for universities and colleges. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics the median annual wage of advertising professionals employed as marketing managers was $119,480 in May 2012.


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