Company Scholarships

Introduction to Scholarships
Scholarships are a type of financial aid provided by institutions and bodies to help individuals pursue a career of choice by studying the apt qualification. They let such individuals fully focus on their goals and let the financial constraints stay aside. There are College and University Scholarships as well as Company Scholarship Programs. Some scholarships are for a mere semester, while others are for the full program. Following are the major classifications of scholarship programs:

  • Need Based Scholarship
  • Merit Based Scholarships
  • Career Specific Scholarship
  • Student Specific Scholarship

 Company Scholarships
Many famous companies and corporations offer attractive company scholarships for their employees as well as for independent students. Such scholarships include:

  • GE Scholarship Program
  • Pfizer Scholarship and Financial Aid
  • Tylenol Scholarship and Financial Aid
  • The Henry Ford Academy Scholarship
  • Johnson & Johnson Promise of Nursing Scholarship
  • Adobe Multinational Scholarship Program
  • ExxonMobil Scholarship Programs
  • AT&T Labs Fellowship Program
  • Coca-Cola's Johnston Legacy Scholars Program


These corporations and companies are renowned for providing some of the best and most competitive company scholarships, with the most flexible application process, that can be completed online as well as in person. Some applicants prefer the online application due to the time it saves and speedy process.

 Eligibility Criteria and Financial Aid Amount
There are various eligibility criterion of the different company scholarship programs. For example, the Tylenol Scholarship and Financial Aid program is specifically for students of Health Care. Along with this,some programs require that you are a US citizen and have an overall GPA of 3.0 to 4.0. There are also assessment tests to evaluate your worth. Through company scholarships like these you can get $500 to $20,000 financial funds that will help you in pursuing your dreams of a quality education.

Q:What are Company Scholarships?

A:Company scholarships are awarded by different organizations. These companies aim at helping students pursue higher education in a certain field and also consider such programs as a social responsibility. Company scholarships can be need based, minority based, and performance based. You can find out more about these programs on our page.

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