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Discover financial is one of the leading banking institutions in the nation that offer a wide range of credit services to their clients. The organization also offers discover student loans to individuals in need of financial assistance. Discover college loans come in a range that fall in the category of federal loans as well as private loans. These loans can cover 100% of all educational expenses including tuition expenses and traveling expenses, and ultimately help students fulfill their academic dream without having to worry about affordability and costs. According to different surveys, discover student loans have acquired a top ranking for quality services.


Q:What does a typical Discover Student Loans review look like?

A:When assessing the lifetime of a loan over the course of its repayment, the annual percentage rate (APR) is used to review the viability of the loan. In the case of discover student loans, there are four basic reviews that one can do. Across a 15-year or 180-month repayment period on a $10,000 loan, the APR can be as high as 9.28% or as low as 3.17%.

Q:I have heard about Discover student loan consolidation. How does loan consolidation work?

A:Loan consolidation is when you have two or more loans which you are repaying and want to combine them all. Usually these are federal student loans and so have varying interest rates, repayment periods and due dates. What loan consolidation does is lump all these loans together into one loan, meaning that you have worry about repaying that single loan.

Q:What is the meaning of fixed and variable interest rates in Discover Card student loans?

A:When there is a fixed interest rate with regards to your loan, the rate of interest or extra amount that you have to pay on the sum of money that you have borrowed stays the same for the duration of the repayments. However, in the case of a variable interest rate, the percentage value of the interest applied on the borrowed amount keeps changing after certain periods. This can be on a quarterly, six monthly or an annual basis.

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