Art Scholarships

Introduction to Arts
Art is the study and application of culture. Arts cover a vast range of creative sub divisions; however, there are 3 main divisions of it, namely:

  • Visual Arts
  • Performing Arts
  • Literary Arts

Be it dance, music, painting, theatre, language, folklore etc. they all come under the umbrella of arts. Arts Scholarships are excellent opportunities to pursue the career of choice without worrying about the hassles of financial constraints too much.
Degree Programs in Arts
Arts cover a vast range of subjects and programs. The qualifications are as follows:

  • Certificate Degree Program in Arts
  • Diploma Degree Program in Arts
  • Associates Degree Program in Arts
  • Bachelor's Degree Program in Arts
  • Master's Degree Program in Arts
  • PhD/Doctorate in Arts

Arts Scholarships and grants are offered in most of the programs. These programs can also be opted for in an online program, giving you a flexible and comparatively cheaper alternative to the on-campus program. Along with the degree program it is usually required that you make a portfolio of your works, which is evaluated when required. Therefore, there is immense stress on practical work along with the studies.

 Arts Scholarships Opportunities
There are various institutions and bodies offering Arts Scholarships. These include:

  • Art Departments of Schools and Universities
  • Professional and Welfare Organizations
  • Art Competitions andFestivals
  • Civic and Community Groups
  • Employer and Local Businesses
  • Charity Organizations


You can get significant scholarships and grants from such institutions. Some programs are for a single semester, while others are for a year or the full period of studies. This is a great way of earning a degree and keeping the expenses on doing so low.

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