Fannie Mae Student Loans

If you do not have enough money to pursue a higher education, there is nothing to worry - a number of financial aid programs are available to help you acquire money for college. Fannie Mae loans are one of the most popular financial aid programs that can provide you with funding for tuition and related expenses. These loan programs are well recognized for their low interest rates and flexible repayment options. A Fannie Mae loan can be a great financial aid option for those who belong to low income families. You can get a loan and repay it once you graduate.



Q:What are the details and eligibility requirements of a Fannie Mae student loan?

A:Please understand that there is no such thing as a Fannie Mae student loan. Not only has Fannie Mae never offered any loans to students but it does not even offer housing loans and buys mortgages from other lenders. Sallie Mae student loans are usually mistaken as Fannie Mae ones.

Q:What are the details regarding Fannie Mae school loans?

A:There no school loans that are offered by Fannie Mae to begin with. The fact is that Fannie Mae does not even lend money directly to borrowers and has only bought up mortgages from other housing lenders. Moreover, the government is even considering shutting Fannie Mae along with Freddie Mac.

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