MBA in Business

The ever growing business industry offers numerous career opportunities to qualified individuals. Among the many business degree programs being offered by schools, a MBA in business holds a top spot. The master of business administration degree has increased in popularity in recent decades, and is now ranked among the most globally reputed and recognized business qualifications. Did you know that there are more MBA degree holders than Juris doctor graduates in our economy? The number of business graduates has exceeded the number of lawyers, which clearly reflects the demand for business majors. This program may lead to many different career opportunities in finance, marketing, human resources, and e-commerce.

MBA in Business
To boost career opportunities in business, many students are enrolling master in business degree programs. This is one of the most popularly pursued graduate degrees all across the US. Students enrolled in this program will spend time building their knowledge of management principles and polishing their analytical skills. The program will cover a vast range of subjects that are relevant to business management, corporate strategy making, and managerial economics. Having a thorough understanding of the field is essential before moving on to more advanced topics. Typically, the first half of the program is dedicated towards fundamental knowledge development among students.

A MBA program will entail many subjects in its curriculum, most of them being theoretical in nature. Here a few of the subjects one is most likely to encounter:

  • Finance and accounting
  • Management
  • Corporate strategy
  • Macroeconomics
  • Economy of business environments
  • Business communication
  • Innovation and productivity
  • Human resource management

These areas will allow students to learn about all major areas in business management. Students will also learn how to work in teams and practically implement strategies and principles. Skill building is crucial and is encouraged in MBA programs through practical assignments, research projects, and field work. Each component of the program carries credit hours that have to be accumulated to successfully complete the degree.

Online MBA in Business
For many students, attending college full-time is difficult as well as expensive. To help students pursue their academic goals, institutes have added online business degrees to their program offerings. The trend for online learning has increased greatly due to many benefits such as low costs, flexibility, and accessibility. Employers now do not differentiate between online or campus-based degree programs, both are equally accepted in the professional world.

Career Prospects
With a MBA degree, one could expect to work at an executive or upper managerial level. The job positions will depend upon the area pursued as specialization. Management professionals are in demand in all kinds of industries, and are among some of the highest paid professionals. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated the median annual income of administrative services managers to be approximately $81,080. Other areas you could choose to work in include finance, international business, marketing and promotions, and human resources management.


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