Master in Business Administration

A career in a one of the many roles that help make businesses be successful could be both intellectually satisfying and financially promising. Executives, department heads, and managers all make important decisions that affect the success of the business and guide the strategic planning for the business. Each area in a business, finance, marketing, accounting, and human resource, may require formal education and training from an accredited postsecondary educational institution that offers an online master's in business administration.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that top executives of large corporations with an advanced degree in business administration, earned in excess of $100,000 annually. The BLS also quotes financial managers earning approximately the same in 2010. However, the job outlook for various types of business administrators may be different.

Master Of Business Administration (MBA)
A MBA in finance, marketing, accounting, management, e-business, and international business usually takes two years to complete, but this could depend on the enrollment status of the student , full-time or part-time. Most business schools, whether traditional or online, require MBA applicants to either hold an undergraduate degree or be in the process of graduating with an undergraduate degree. They may also require applicants to take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). A good undergraduate GPA and GMAT score may help in gaining admission into the student's top school choice.

Traditional MBA Vs. Online MBA
The bottom line is, if an online business school is accredited, it offers the same quality of education as any traditional business school. There are some differences between taking business classes on campus and online.

  • Online class schedules and coursework are more flexible than on-campus classes because students are able to schedule classes that fit within their current schedule and may complete coursework at their own pace.
  • On-campus classes require commuting, while online classes and course materials will be accessible from home.
  • Online degree programs may be lower in cost than on-campus programs because students may not have to pay for transportation, textbooks, room and board, and meal plans.
  • Interaction with other students and the professor will mainly be through video conferencing, emails, and school chat rooms or instant messaging programs.

Online Master's In Business Administration
An online MBA degree prepares students for leadership positions in competitive business environments. MBA students may elect to choose a particular field to specialize in like project management, marketing, information technology, human resources, accounting, supply chain management, and finance. Some online MBA core courses may include:

  • Leadership strategies for a changing world
  • Ethics in business and society
  • Strategic management
  • Managing the value chain
  • Financial management
  • Marketing management
  • Strategic human resource management
  • Financial accounting principles and analysis
  • Business analytics
  • Business perspectives

An online MBA degree prepares students to efficiently solve fast-paced business problems, implement solutions, and make timely decisions. Other courses that are offered in MBA programs include:

  • Strategic financial analysis
  • Leadership theory and practice
  • Management theories and practices
  • Strategic human resource management
  • Organizational excellence and change

Online education helps to fill the academic void which may have been holding you back from contributing more to the success of the company for which you work. There are many accredited institutions that offer an online MBA degree, so your choices are no longer limited.


Q:What are the basic Nursing Job responsibilities of LPN degree holders?

A:A LPN degree is the basic nursing education that is required to become a nurse. With an LPN degree you are eligible to take the licensing exam and become a professional nurse. The basic nursing responsibilities of LPN degree holders include the f following: monitoring patients, assisting emergencies, assisting physicians, diagnosing medical conditions, taking vital signs, disbursing medication, managing patients files and information, consulting and briefing patients.

Q:What Master level courses do I need to study in order to pursue nursing administration careers?

A:In order to pursue nursing administration careers, there are a number of specialized courses that students are required to attempt. Some of the courses included in this program are The Health Care System, Human Resource Management, Theoretical Foundations of Nursing, Pathophysiology, Health Assessment, Nursing Informatics, Advanced Interpersonal Communication and Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. The mentioned courses are a mere overview of Masters in Nursing Administration, students are advised to ensure the accreditation of both the institution and program before enrollment.

Q:In which alternative specialties are jobs for nursing available?

A:Apart from the regular nursing specialties, there are a number of alternative job positions available. You can pursue the following specialties in this field: Consultant nurse, parish nurse, travel nurse, flight nurse, military nurse, nursing informatics, research nurse, supplemental nurse, med sales nurse, pharmaceutical nurse, entrepreneurial nurse, editor nurse, writer nurse, transplant nurse, and many more. These nursing positions are available in not just hospitals and clinics but in a number of different business organizations.

Q:Searching about nursing jobs, I came across career alternatives. What would some of these be?

A:The subject of career alternatives would be mentioned when searching about nursing jobs. Some of these careers are Flight Nurse, Forensic Nurse, Medical Editor/Writer, Nursing Informatics, Military Nurse, Travel Nurse, Supplemental Nurse and Pharmaceuticals/Medical related sales. Although there is a significant demand for nursing professionals in the United States, there is huge potential in the above mentioned careers as well.

Q:Can you give some information About Nursing Careers and its various types?

A:Nursing careers are growing rapidly with increasing scope of medical science and its demand. Individuals who aspire to become nurses are now faced with a number or nursing career options. They can choose between which nursing area to specialize in. Some popular nursing careers are mentioned here: ambulatory care nurses, anesthesia nurses, neonatal nurses, cardiac care nurses, case management nurses, midwifery nurses, orthopedic nurses, psych nurses, general medicine nurses, CCU nurses, clinical research nurses, and forensics nurse.

Q:What salaries should one expect in jobs nursing degrees provide?

A:The jobs that nursing degree programs provide can offer you quite varying salaries. Initially, a Registered Nurse (RN) can earn anywhere between $28,000 to $64,000 per annum. With more experience, the nurses in United States can easily earn from $45,000 to around $92,000 annually, which is a very decent package. The hourly rate usually starts from $19.00/hour and goes up to around $37.00/hour.

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