How To Become An Artist

Do you love working with materials of different kinds and create original, creative pieces of art? Have you always been interested in honing your talent and making a career out of it? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider exploring a career as an artist. There are people who are interested in, but do not know how to become an artist. If you face a similar dilemma, our quick guide will help you gain the insight needed to make a well-informed decision.

What Kind Of Artists Are There?
The world of art is massive, with multiple specialties operating under the same umbrella. Depending on your talent, you can choose to enter a particular professional field. Individuals who are experts at sketching can become illustrators or cartoonists, earning high revenues by making comic books or illustrations for stories. Those who prefer to work with materials and use their hands can become sculptors or furniture makers, carving intricate patterns into wood and creating stunning works of functional art. You can also use your skills in conjunction with knowledge in biology to become a specialized medical or scientific illustrator. In this capacity you will be creating images of human anatomy and even atoms and plants.

How To Become An Artist - The Education
Perfecting your art requires advanced training, at least up to a Master's degree in some cases. These degrees allow you ample time and offer supervision to learn the appropriate techniques, and apply them in a practical setting. In the US, the National Association of Schools of Art and Design has compiled an extensive list of over 300 postsecondary institutions which offer specialized training programs in arts and design. Enrollment in these programs requires you to have a high school diploma. It is not required that you take courses in arts while in high school, but having the basic training is beneficial. Most schools will require you to complete a test of your artistic ability before inducting you into their schools. Depending on your choice of program, you will cover the specific skills needed to excel in your chosen field. Coursework will involve a combination of learning about techniques and different styles and extensive practice as well. If you wish to teach art to students in public elementary or secondary schools, you must obtain a degree in education.

What Personality Traits Do I Need?
As an artist, you can choose to work individually or at a company. In either case, it is imperative that you possess good creative skills and a high level of artistic ability. Furthermore, having good marketing and communication skills will allow you to interact with customers and clients to secure a sale for your artwork.

Job outlook
The top 10 percent of artists were reported to be earning roughly $40 an hour in May 2010, with median wages being $20.90. While these are high-paying jobs, the growth in the industry is quite limited - about 5 percent. People who wish to enter into an artistic field should evaluate their commitment fully before entering this profession.

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