How To Be A Spy

We have all seen James Bond save the world from the evil plans of countless villains, and we have been fascinated with the secret world of espionage. Some of us have even aspired to become like James Bond, but are unsure of how to become a spy. If you are interested in joining the intelligence forces,, read on to find out what you need.

What Does A Spy Do?
As a spy, you will work in one of two capacities: an intelligence officer and an agent. The officers are responsible for gathering information, and conducting observational missions on behalf of their government. Agents, on the other hand, will be responsible for secretly providing information to their host governments. This information can pertain to matters of national security or other important areas, which makes them highly important assets.

How To Become A Spy For The US
If you wish to work for the US government, you must be at least 17 years of age and be a citizen of the United States. No other individuals are eligible for applying for this service. As part of the induction process, you will be subjected to rigorous psychological and behavioral testing, along with drug and background record checks. Bear in mind that the agency will thoroughly investigate all the information you provide when filling out the application form, so honesty is an imperative you cannot ignore. Not only will your criminal record come under scrutiny, the agency will also evaluate your credit score, and may disqualify you for misrepresenting any facet of your personal life. If you pass these stages, you will be inducted into the training program. The training program will take you through all the skills you need to effectively handle your duties in the field. From weapons training to critical analysis, you will be taught the best techniques in all these areas. Eligibility for the program requires you to have an undergraduate degree, and if you wish up to senior positions, you are required to complete a Master's or PhD program as well. Your choice of major does not significantly factor into the selection process, but there may certain majors and skill sets that are more appealing to the intelligence community.

What Does It Take To Become A Spy?
A huge number of factors come into play when evaluating the effectiveness of a spy. The candidate should be able to adapt to new environments quickly, and be able to speak multiple languages fluently in order to communicate with the natives. Having training in languages like Korean, Arabic, and Persian is an asset for the agency. In addition to this, you must also possess good communication skills, and be able to put people at ease and obtain their trust. Furthermore, you must be able to quickly analyze information and display a sense of resourcefulness when approaching a task. A good agent should be able to use the tools and his surroundings to his advantage. If you feel that you possess these skills, then a career as a spy may be a good option for you.

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