Curriculum and Instruction Jobs

Curriculum and instruction jobs are available to individuals with prior experience in the education sector, a degree with a specialization in curriculum designing or instruction or both, besides other certifications, requires for jobs in the education sector. These jobs are available in public and private schools.

What is the job market for curriculum and instruction?
According to statistics, the education sector has one of the fastest expanding job markets in the country. The jobs market for curriculum and instruction is extensive mainly because all public schools require curriculum reformulation and updating for which they require experts. As an expert, you can also pursue a career as a principal or assistant principal. Teacher training is also another option available for those with a background in the field.

Training in curriculum and instruction
To pursue jobs in curriculum and training, previous teaching experience is mandatory besides certification which is to be obtained from the state bureau of education. The requirements and criterion for this certification vary from state to state. Programs available in the area include:

  • Certificate programs
  • Associate programs
  • Bachelors programs
  • Masters programs
  • Doctorate.


Although some vocational colleges offer training in teaching, some schools might not find that sufficient for employment. The education required for curriculum and instruction jobs trains students in various aspects of education, the psychology of learning, lesson preparation, teaching methods and the use of computers in the class. These are, however, some aspects of the training.

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