What Is Nursing Administration?

Nursing administration degree programs are designed in a way to merge the science of medicine and medical care with management. These are mainly such courses that might enable students to learn how to apply rules and forms of management to traditional nursing practices.  Degrees of this sort are usually aimed at catering to those students who may wish to take on management focused roles in hospitals and clinics. Degree programs in this discipline vary in terms of nature and duration however; many courses require medicine related background study.


Pre Requisites And Course Contents

Those looking to gain admission into a master's degree program should make sure to go through all the specified prerequisites that different universities have outlined. These are not standard and will vary from one institution to the other. Therefore, students to look into prospective institutes well in time and take necessary steps to satisfy all such requirements. Most institutions require students to have an upper class or higher level undergraduate in with a nursing related field or second preference is given to business undergraduates. This however, is not a set rule and students are encouraged to send inquiry emails to admissions officers for differing undergraduate degree holders.

Nursing Administration Scope and Standards of Practice

The lowest possible grade point average that any course is willing to consider for admissions is 3.00 out of 4.00. This is again, not a standard and some institutions can also wave this in certain cases where students satisfy other requirements. While general master's degrees require undergraduate qualification as the basic degree, business management master's programs require GMAT or GRE scores. Keeping this in mind it is wise if students register and take these exams well in time before admissions open in universities. Students who take these exams late often miss out on university deadlines waiting for test and exam results.  Foreign students will also be required to take English language standard tests and submit scores with all applications in most institutions.

While most courses are directed in a single degree path, some institutes have also begun to offer dual degrees. These are basically two degrees, one a master's of science and the other a master's of business administration in nursing. Courses within these two degree programs cover the basics of management and nursing. Financial accounting, medical health laws and regulations, budgeting, and organizational development are courses studied in the MBA program. While, the science degree covers, health care practices, best practices and standards of procedures, patient care and emergency services amongst others. Both degrees require students to complete a total of sixty credit hours each in order to get the degrees.

When thinking about taking on a nursing administration degree, students should be well informed about the number of credit hours per semester to cover the degree within time. Some students may also be interested in enrolling in an online program for the same. These offer flexible study schedules and are also more cost effective.


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