Online Animation Degree

Animation is a vibrant and exciting career line which incorporates computer, graphic design, visual arts, and film making skills. It demands an artistic flare along with technological expertise.  As the film industry continues to make more technical animation films, the video game industry continues to make complicated games, and the business world continues to launch competitive animated advertisements, the demand for animation professionals is likely to be high in future. A career in animation can be enhanced by earning a degree. Online degrees enable students to learn from the comfort of their home computers. They also enable professionals to study at their own pace and balance their lives with animation schooling.

Online Animation Degree
Nowadays, various online animation degrees are offered which include the following:

  • Certificate or diploma programs: These are designed for working animators who want to expand their skills. These also serve as a foundation for pursuing an advanced degree.
  • Associates degree programs:  These provide fundamental knowledge of animation and related technology. The degree is usually required for many entry-level animation positions.
  • Bachelor's degree programs: These programs may require a high school diploma. They offer professional curricula which may simulate industry conditions.
  • Master's degree programs:  These programs require a bachelor's degree.  They offer a specialization in one or more areas of animation and may prepare professionals for potential senior level positions.

Online Bachelors Degree In Animation
The program provides educational background and first-hand experience required to begin career in animation industry. It usually prepares candidates for animation career in film, television and computer gaming. It may teach students how to create animation using industry-relevant software. Students may learn how to use software such as Adobe Flash and Photoshop, and 3D modeling software such as 3DS Max. At the end of the program, students may also be required to make a final animation portfolio to demonstrate their skills to potential employers. By the end of the program, students may be able to do the following:

  • To create professional visual design compositions;
  • To develop effective sequential art and media;
  • To illustrate the design process using various drawing techniques;
  • To make multi-tiered digital assets and sequences;
  • Develop design projects that meet ethical and fair use guidelines; and
  • Develop 3D graphics on professional level.

The curriculum may be divided into general education courses, core courses, and other required courses. Some of the courses offered include the following:

  • Character development and Setup
  • Advanced Character Animation
  • Advanced Digital Effects
  • Digital Editing for Animation
  • Life Drawing for Animation
  • 3D Simulation

Please note that the above mentioned curriculum is typical for many schools, but may vary depending on the institute and program you wish to enroll in.

Career Outlook
Animation graduates can pursue a diverse range of career opportunities. Following lists a few possible career paths:

  • Animation
  • Character development
  • Video game design
  • Multimedia art and animation

Multimedia artists and animators create animations for television, video games, movies, and many other types of media.  According to the U.S Bureau of Labor statistics (BLS), the median annual salary of multimedia artists and animators was $61,370 in May 2010.


Q:What career opportunities do I have if I opt for animation degrees?

A:Animation degrees are sought after programs offered in a number of renowned institutes. These can be opted online as well as on-campus. They are offered in certificate, associate, bachelor, and master programs with various areas of specialization. Animation degrees qualify students to work as: creative movie director, cartoon animator, video game animator, technical illustrator, furniture designer, web designer, and others. Animation degree holders can get beginning salaries of above $30,000 per year.

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