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The field of computer programming continues to expand due to technological advances and the increasing need for information technology (IT) professionals in businesses. Computer programming deals with creating a series of commands to develop programs for users to run on their computers. The commands are set into computer programming languages such as C++. Hence computer programmers work as translators, converting designed programs to the ones that appear on every day computer screens.

A computer programming degree teaches technical knowledge and skills related to programming. Apart from campus based degrees, these days an increasing number of degrees are offered online as well. Online programs offer certain benefits not offered by campus based programs. These programs provide a convenient and self-paced learning experience. This allows working professionals to continue work while completing their studies. Also, online programs may be less expensive as compared to campus based programs. A computer programming degree is offered at all levels: associate, bachelor, master, and doctorate level programs.

  • Associate's Degree: This degree is designed for those who wish to enter the field as an entry-level programmer. Students are taught introductory courses in programming, math, computer science, operating systems, and related subjects.
  • Bachelor's Degree: This is an undergraduate degree program and includes general education and major course requirements.
  • Master's Degree: This graduate program provides an in-depth and concentrated study in computer programming. A bachelor's degree in computer or related field may be required to enroll in this program.
  • Doctorate Degree: This may be the highest degree offered and involves intense study and research.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Programming
This program focuses on teaching students programming languages, like Java and C++, which are used in creating computer programs and applications. The courses taught include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Calculus
  • Business & Computer Systems
  • Problem Solving Methods in Operations Research
  • Problem Solving and Programming Concepts
  • Programming
  • Database
  • UNIX Operations Systems
  • Data Communications
  • Management Information Systems
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Java Programming
  • Management Theories and Practices
  • Accounting
  • Programming Track
  • Data Structures
  • Advanced Database
  • Perl Programming
  • Systems Track
  • Computer Architecture
  • Information Security
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • C++
  • Development Project Management

The above mentioned curriculum is typical for many schools, but there may be some differences between programs.

Career Outlook
Graduates with a degree in computer programming may work with various companies such as software or robotics companies. Some common jobs that computer programming graduates may get include the following:

  • Computer Programmer
  • Software Engineering
  • Project Manager
  • Researcher
  • Network Technician

Computer programmers write codes to create programs. They have the responsibility of converting program designs into instructions that computers can follow. They also know how to debug programs and correct mistakes in codes. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual wage of computer programmers was $74,280 in May 2012. Employment of computer programmers is expected to grow at a rate of 8% according to the BLS.


Q:As I was reading about careers in information technology, I found out that software developers make a lot of money. Can you tell me more about this occupation?

A:Software developers are professionals who create computer programs. Without their creativity and hard work, the IT industry would not be the same. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, software developers make a median income of $90,000. The growth rate for these developers is 30%, which is much faster than average.

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