Technology Management Careers

Technology management successfully bridges gaps between business, innovation, and technology by developing, implementing and managing information technologies, nanotechnologies, and medical devices. A technology manager makes decisions about an organization's use of technology by considering how it would affect the budget, employees, products, customers and profitability of the organization.

There are a diverse range of careers in technology management. Professionals in this field may work for companies whose primary business is to create and sell technology-based products or services. Companies that are technology driven, or use technology to create their products, need these professionals in their workforce. A degree in technology management may lead to different types of careers such as chief information officer or a general manager. They may include IT system management consulting, front line IT management technician careers, and in-house IT management careers. Some of the typical careers in technology management include the following:

  • Chief Technology Officer- These professionals evaluate new technologies in order to find out how it can benefit organizations. They advise senior management about what technology can be implemented. They are also responsible for formulating and overseeing implementation strategies in case of new technologies.
  • Project Manager - Project managers look after budgets and schedules for projects on technology. The projects involving technology may include data, application, and any hardware updates required. They also work with vendors, clients, trainers, and consultants in order to coordinate the development and execution of various technology projects.
  • Director of Information Technology -These professionals are also known as director of management information systems. They manage the daily operations related to calculating resources for proper function, availability, security, and reliability. Finally, these individuals also manage the support desk and other employees within an organization.
  • Technology Consultant- These professionals work with clients on various technology issues.

Entering into this field may require a bachelor's degree in IT Management. Some of the entry level jobs in this field may include help desk representative, customer support specialist, entry level positions in database development, web site development, programming and analysis. With added experience, graduates may be eligible for supervisory positions in customer support and project management departments. With increasing application of technology, numerous degrees are being offered in technology management. Various certificate programs, such as associates, bachelors, and master's level degree programs are offered in technology management. Apart from industry, technology has revolutionized education as well. These days many online degree programs are offered. Online degrees provide a convenient learning environment to candidates with busy life routines. They also cost relatively less as compared to campus based programs.

Certificate programs in technology management may be a good option for computer professionals who aim to develop skills required in managerial positions. A bachelor's degree provides background knowledge in practical training, technical science, business, computer engineering, and communications. Information technology managers' plan, initiate, and manage various information technology projects. According to O*NET Online, the median annual salary of information technology managers was $81,140 in May 2012.


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