How To Become A Librarian

Librarians help people find different sources of information. They also organize and maintain the material in the library and are involved in various tasks required to run libraries.

Librarian Job Description
Librarians typically perform the following duties:

  • Help people find information from the library
  • Organize the material in a way that it is easy to locate
  • Schedule programs for different people, such as storytelling for kids
  • Develop and index databases for library materials
  • Read different information about books to find out which new books are available
  • Select different types of books and material for the library
  • Research and buy new computers and equipment needed in the library
  • Provide training and oversee the library technicians, assistants, and support staff
  • Prepare cost estimates and budgets for the library

How To Become A Librarian?

In order to be a librarian, a master's degree in library sciences is required. A master's degree takes one or two years to complete, and many universities and institutes offer the library science program. The master's coursework for the library science program usually covers the following topics:

  • Selecting and processing library materials
  • Organizing information
  • Online reference systems
  • Research methods and strategies
  • Internet search methods

Certification And License
Most states have a requirement of licensure and certification for librarians in public schools. This requirement is to be certified as a teacher by the state.  A number of states also require certification as a librarian for public libraries, and these requirements can differ from one state to another.

Online Education
Online programs in library sciences are another option for students. Online classes have the same curriculum but they offer a lot more flexibility and convenience. These classes are quite feasible for those who wish to acquire further education but cannot give up their job. Students can study at their own pace and at the time that suits them best.  Online education also saves various additional costs and time requirements associated with traditional on campus education.

Following are some of the skills that are essential for librarians:

  • Customer service skills to help patrons in the best possible way
  • Active learning skills to always stay up to date with new technology and information
  • Organizational skills and a good memory to locate the materials quickly
  • Computer skills to help patrons find the material, maintain records, and search for new library materials
  • Interpersonal skills to work well with diverse people and to be good team players
  • Problem solving skills to conduct and help others with research

Career Outlook And Salary
According to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the employment of librarians will grow by seven percent between the years 2010 and 2020. Librarians will face more competition in first part of the decade, compared to the next decade when many librarians will retire.  The median salary for the librarians in May 2010 was around $54,000 per year.



Q:How long does it take to become a librarian?

A:It will take you 5-6 years to become a librarian after completion of high school. You must have a bachelor degree which takes approximately 4 years to complete, and also a masters degree in library science which will take 1-2 years to complete. Although certification is not mandatory, it can help boost your career. Getting a certification will require additional 6-8 months of study.

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