Accelerated Nursing Programs

The importance and need for college education can't be denied in today's competitive environment. Businesses have become more complex and demand highly skilled individuals for jobs. Thousands of students enroll in colleges each year to prepare for a career relevant to their interest. Healthcare, business administration, engineering, and computer science are just a few of main academic principles offered by colleges. Bachelor degree programs are required for most jobs in industries. This is an undergraduate degree program and is a prerequisite for graduate-level studies. The usual duration of a bachelor degree is four years, but may vary slightly depending upon which school you enroll in.

Accelerated Bachelor Degree
However, not all students have the time or finance to complete a four-year degree in college. Rising costs in the economy has led to many students seeking employment while in college. To help such students complete their academic goals and get a bachelor degree, many institutes are offering accelerated bachelor degree programs. An accelerated bachelor degree is a fast-track program that allows students to earn the degree in less than four years. This program is designed specifically for individuals who have to balance their work, family, or expenses along with their education. The exact duration of an accelerated degree will depend upon the institute offering the program. Some schools offer 16 month bachelor degrees while others are offering 18 month programs. It is recommended that you seek information about the program from the prospective school.

It is important to remember that the degree may require more hard work and input as compared to regular degree programs. Since the courses are compressed, students must complete the requirements in a shorter time span. The credit hour requirement will vary from school to school. Students must attain the minimum credit hours to successfully be awarded the degree. Accelerated bachelor programs are also offered online through accredited online schools. The recent growth of online learning can be linked with the numerous benefits that come with it. Online program are self-paced, meaning that students can study according to their own understanding and schedule. One of the major benefits of online degrees is that the costs are lower. There is no expenditure of books or travelling which reduces the overall cost of the degree program.

Benefits of Accelerated Degrees
An Accelerated bachelors degree can be beneficial in many ways. A few of the benefits have been listed below:

  • Students can prepare for the professional world in a shorter span of time.
  • Professionals can opt for this quick route to advance their career without sacrificing their career
  • The costs of accredited programs are lower as compared to traditional four year degrees
  • This program is suitable for students who are working and do not have the time for pursuing a four year degree
  • Accelerated degree programs are also offered online
  • The coursework is career-oriented

Accelerated bachelor degrees can be pursued in almost every academic principle such as nursing, business, engineering, arts, information technology, healthcare, computer security, law enforcement, criminal justice, law, and even architecture. Whichever program or school you choose to enroll in, make sure you check the accreditation status.


Q:What is the difference between accelerated college degrees and regular college degrees?

A:Accelerated college programs take less time to complete as compared to traditional programs. Students who wish to enter the industry in a short time span can opt for an accelerated degree. An accelerated bachelor degree can be completed in 1-3 years instead of 4 years whereas an accelerated masters degree can be completed in 1 year of less instead of 2 years.

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