How To Become A Fitness Instructor

In an age where we are increasingly health-conscious, there is a high demand for fitness instructors who are able to properly guide us in achieving our desired health goals. As a result, this profession is seeing increased growth. If you are interested in becoming a fitness instructor, our guide may help you find out what it takes and whether you should choose this option.

Fitness Instructor Responsibilities
Fitness instructors work with individuals from different backgrounds, and help them achieve their desired health goals. This means that the instructor could help you improve your stamina or advise the best exercises to aid in your weight loss efforts. Different clients have different needs, and the instructor must know how to tackle them all effectively.

The basic responsibilities of fitness instructors are:

  • Watching clients and showing them the correct exercise techniques to reduce injury and stress
  • Provide information on effective diets and lifestyle choices
  • Administer first aid if need be
  • Create effective workout programs for the client's needs
  • Monitor client progress and adapt the program as needed.

A fitness instructor may choose to work individually with clients or develop a routine focused towards a particular goal for a group of people. They could also focus on teaching techniques such as Pilates or yoga. Some may choose to become supervisors at a gym, and oversee the smooth operation of the facility.

Required Training
Because there are a number of options for specialization in the field of fitness instruction, the training routes also differ significantly. A person who chooses to become a yoga instructor will not take the same training as a person who wants to become a bodybuilding instructor. However, in all of these cases, having certification from an authorized organization definitely lends credibility and increases your chances of securing a job. The National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) carries a list of organizations which issue certificates to fitness instructors. The certification exams typically contain a written exam, but some may also have a practical module. These are designed to test your understanding of client physiology, nutritional needs, exercise techniques, and your communication skills.

Having a high school degree is mandatory for this profession. To further their knowledge, some professionals choose to take courses in nutrition, kinesiology, or exercise science. An effective fitness instructor will have strong motivation and problem-solving skills, which will help them to identify the issues in a client's exercise routine and correct them and to motivate the client. Because you are dealing with physical fitness in your clients, it is expected that you will be in good shape yourself.

Job Outlook
The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an above average growth rate for this field at 24 percent between 2010 and 2020. This is spurred by a greater emphasis on health, and the growing needs of individuals from the baby boomers generation entering old age. As a result, this field may be quite attractive for individuals who have thought about entering this field.

Q:How long does it take to become a fitness instructor?

A:It can take around 6-12 months after high school to become a fitness instructor. The most important requirement for this career is getting a certification in fitness and training. This certification is offered by many agencies. Students can also seek formal training by enrolling in vocational schools offering fitness programs.

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