What Does A Paralegal Do?

Paralegals in the US
Paralegals can typically be defined as individuals that assist practicing lawyers. Their main task is to facilitate lawyers in their legal tasks. Paralegals contribute effectively in enhancing the speed and quality of the work carried out by lawyers. The paralegal industry in the US has flourished greatly over the recent years and several career opportunities are available for well qualified individuals.

There is no specific educational criterion for becoming a paralegal in the US. However, if you wish to pursue your career in this field then there is a wide variety of degrees and programs that you can choose to get enrolled in. Getting enrolled in a masters or bachelors program can prepare you well for the pursuit of a great career as a paralegal. Most firms prefer individuals with relevant education and degrees while others may offer jobs based on your work experience and expertise. Moreover, acquiring a certification can further augment your chances of getting remarkable job offers from leading legal firms.

What does a paralegal do?
The job descriptions of paralegals may vary from sector to sector. Most commonly, the following tasks are delegated to them:


  • Conducting research for legal cases
  • Interviewing the clients
  • Scheduling corporate meetings
  • Preparing financial records


You can opt for a government or a private sector job in accordance with your preference. The demand for paralegals is likely to excel further as the increasing population does require legal services.

The paralegal industry comprises of highly talented and competitive individuals. Due to the increasing demand of legal services, various new job opportunities are available for paralegals that include jobs in:


  • Courts
  • Federal government agencies
  • Insurance companies


The average annual salary for a paralegal is estimated to be around $67,600 in the private sector.

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