How To Become A High School Teacher

Do you think you are an effective communicator? Do you have a passion for teaching and interacting with individuals from different backgrounds? Would you like to know how to become a high school teacher? Read through our quick guide to help you gain more insight, and decide whether this is the right career for you.

What Does A High School Teacher Do?
High school teachers are primarily responsible for creating effective learning experiences which help shape students into more competent individuals, ready to enter the job market or attend college. The teacher is responsible for the overall grooming of the student. To execute these duties, the teacher will start with developing a lesson plan for their assigned subject, be it history or biology. They will also set learning goals and develop appropriate ways to assess student understanding of key concepts, through assignments or tests. It is the job of a teacher to challenge his or her students so that they improve their abilities and overcome their weaknesses, and communicate all progress to parents as well. High school teachers will be interacting with students from the 9th to the 12th grade, which requires them to modify their content to age and ability-appropriate levels.

What Skills Do I Need?
If you want to become a high school teacher, you must possess excellent communication skills. Being able to convey important information to students and parents effectively requires you to be articulate your points clearly. They must also have a thorough understanding of the material they are teaching, and be creative enough to develop ways of engaging the students and imparting the key concepts of the lessons. Not all students are able to pick up on concepts at an equal pace. Part of the job for a teacher becomes being patient and available to students for assistance with coursework.

How To Become A High School Teacher: Education And Licensing
All high school teachers must have at least a bachelor's degree if they wish to teach grades 9 through 12. Having a particular concentration - history, biology, chemistry - to reflect your own interest and aptitude is a plus point, because it allows employers to gauge your ability. In addition to the bachelor's degree, states also require teachers to undergo teacher education programs which sharpen their communication skills via practical training in smaller settings. Some states may also require teachers to earn a master's degree after completing teaching certification. Different states have differing routes for individuals to become certified to teach. Typically states require candidates to complete a general teaching certification test, and a test proving their competency in their chosen field. Some states may require candidates to provide proof of teaching experience, either through student training programs or other supervised programs.

Job Outlook
The Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts that enrollment in high schools in the South and the West is expected to be higher than the Midwest and Northeast, making these potential areas when looking for employers. There is also a positive outlook when you consider that many older teachers will retire between 2010 and 2020.

Q:How long does it take to become a high school teacher?

A:It will take 4 years to become a high school teacher. All states require teachers to have at least a bachelor degree in education. You can opt for specialization in secondary education. Once your degree is complete, you can then apply for a teaching license which is mandatory for the profession.

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