How To Become A Homicide Detective

These professionals are the primary investigators in criminal investigations pertaining to homicides or murders. They are responsible for overseeing investigative efforts, interrogating suspects, gathering evidence from eyewitness accounts, and a screening of crime scenes; and ultimately ascertaining the culprit's identity. While the profession has been glamorized thanks to many different TV shows, the truth is that this is a mentally and physically demanding job.If you are interested in becoming a homicide detective, our guide will help you understand the different requirements and gauge if this is the right job for you.

Skills Required for a Homicide Detective
A good detective must possess multiple skills if he or she wishes to excel within this field. Chief among the requirements is keen attention to detail. From searching crime scenes to questioning suspects, the observation skills of a detective are what will help him most. The culprit will do everything to avoid being caught, and only someone with a good eye will be able to determine if they're being lied to or not. Another factor that helps in this area is good communication skills. In their line of work, a detective will interact with many different people from various backgrounds. Putting these people at ease quickly may evoke a more honest reaction from them. Being empathetic towards the people you speak to will help you connect with them on an intimate level as well. Another important trait among detectives is good leadership skills. The homicide detective will usually be the lead investigator in any investigation, and must be comfortable with making decisions under the close watch of supervisors and subordinates.

How to Become a Detective
Before you become a detective, you must also meet the criteria of being at least 21 years of age, being a US citizen, and clear the police department's background checks. If you have a poor credit score, or have been involved in any criminal or illegal activity, you will not be eligible for this position. Having a high school degree is necessary to become a detective. However, some institutes will look favorably upon applicants with a college degree in a field such as forensics or criminology. If you are already employed, you may enroll in online education classes to complete certification or earn a degree. The flexibility of online degree programs allow students to complete a program while maintaining a full-time job. You will initially be hired as a recruit, and undergo rigorous training in a police academy. This will sharpen your skills in the relevant areas, and allow you to execute your responsibilities effectively. Once you pass the recruit training, you will be assigned regular police duties. Once you have gained sufficient experience as a police officer, you will be able to apply for more senior positions . One of these is homicide. Some police organizations also enforce physical requirements for their recruitment. This is necessary because detectives will be working long hours, often on their feet. Having physical and mental endurance is necessary in these cases.

Q:Can you tell me what is expected homicide detective salary?

A:A homicide detective is a professional who investigates murder cases. As members of law enforcement, their work includes conducting tasks such as the following: gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses and questioning suspects in order to arrest and convict killers. According to data provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the annual median salary for detectives was $56,980 in 2012.

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