How To Become A Freelance Writer

They say that the pen is mightier than the sword. Though the use of pens as a means of writing may have declined, with first typewriters and now computers, the written word is as powerful as ever. Consequently, many of us aspire to be writers, yet some may find the thought of writing solely for one particular organization or publication a bit daunting. The career of a freelance writer is ideally suited to those individuals who want to set their own pace as well as pick and choose topics and issues that they want to write about. Furthermore, due to the availability of high-speed internet and different online research tools, freelance writers are not confined to a desk or an office, so they have considerable freedom and mobility. No wonder that a quarter of all writers work part-time or as freelance writers.

How to Become a Freelance Writer
Having flair for writing and creative expression in your formative years is a good sign that you have a promising future as a writer or a novelist. However, a good command over the language is not sufficient on its own, as being able to think critically and analyze the data and research available is crucial for developing readable and insightful prose, essays, and articles. Typically, employers prefer hiring writers that have acquired a suitable bachelor's degree. This is due to the fact that a relevant undergraduate program, such as one that has journalism or communication as a major, prepares the students to adopt a wide-angle approach towards newsworthy topics and other issues of general interest.

Bachelor in Journalism/Communications
A Bachelor of Science in communication, that also has a portion dedicated to journalism, is effective for creating a foundation for a career as a freelance writer. In addition to enabling students to acquire advanced reasoning skills, the courses that are part of the curriculum also facilitate them in incorporating an engaging storytelling style within their writing. The respective program will also assist aspiring writers in assessing the kind of audience that they are targeting, and alter the tone and choice of words accordingly in their pieces. Hence, the focus is on areas such as media and culture, intercultural communication, understanding future trends with regards to communication technologies, as well as the legal and ethical matters that need to be considered. This diversified program structure is invaluable in equipping writers with the right tools and abilities for becoming a freelance writer later on.

Professional Experience
Even before entering the mainstream industry, you can get some relevant on the job experience. While enrolled in an undergraduate degree program, you can write for your school or college's newspaper. However, with a bachelor's degree in your hand, you are in a good position to do some content development and copywriting for different media houses as well as for radio, television, and news channels. Magazines and newspapers, both local and international are always on the lookout for skilled and intuitive freelance writers.

Career and Salary Outlook
As freelance writers draw their income from various sources, that includes penning books and scripts for movies and television, their annual salary varies. According the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the range that writers made was between $28,610 and $109,440, with a median of $55,420 per year.

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