Why Become A Firefighter

Why Become A Firefighter
There are a number of reasons that a person may take the decision to get into a dangerous kind of career. Careers like the police, the army, fire fighting and such require a person to willingly put themselves in harm's way for the service of others. Yet to those who are committed to it, why become a firefighter is question that is linked to the capacity for selfless service to humanity and unshakeable heroism. The most common reason that a person may wish to enter such a career is usually a desire to serve fellow beings. This does not come naturally to everyone but those who possess this quality tend to pursue such career paths where they are able to serve and protect other humans.

Career Benefits
Second to the desire to serve many people seek a career of this nature for the benefits that come with it. A firefighter gets a large number of fringe benefits which include things like medical coverage. While this is a great incentive in any career, when it comes to this particular career, medical coverage is offered for the entire family and not only for the time that the person is on the job. Medical coverage for fire fighters and their families is offered on a lifelong basis.

Other entitlements include paid vacations of up to four whole weeks and a generous pension when one retires. That means that the career provides financial stability throughout a person's life span. Flexible work schedules paired together with the possibility of being paid for all hours that a person works overtime is another benefit. It is possible for fire fighters to work long shifts and then take almost double the amount of time off in compensation. The same can be done if one works over the weekend or on national level holidays, where they would also be entitled to receive overtime pay.

Eligibility And Requirements
When it comes to eligibility and requirements for becoming a fire fighter a person needs to be at the very least 21 years old and not over 36 years to enter. Entry level positions require individuals to have not passed their 36th birthday at the time of the entry test. All applicants are made to take a computer based test which they are required to pass in order to move onto the next step of recruitment. The next step is a physical exam which contains a stamina test, a fitness test as well as a toxic screening test as well.  One is also required to be a United States Citizen at the time of application to qualify.

Salary And Income
When asking yourself why become a firefighter? it is important to note that the starting salary of this job lies at $43,075 as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This increases on a yearly basis and is paired together with a number of fringe benefits as well.


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