How To Become A Chef

If you have a passion for food and creating unique dishes which your friends and family can enjoy, you should consider a career as a chef. What better way than to be the head chef at a restaurant and amaze customers with your tasty creations? You might think that life as a chef is limited to just cooking, but there is quite a lot more to the profession. If you want to learn how to become a chef, continue reading our guide to find out what it takes.

What Are The Responsibilities of A Chef?
Depending on your qualifications and expertise, you will be entrusted different levels of responsibility.  Mostly though, the chef is responsible for checking the quality and freshness of all ingredients, and ensuring that all kitchen equipment and utensils are clean and functional. If you are working as the head cook in a restaurant, you may also be responsible for hiring and training new chefs to work in your kitchen. Some chefs are also owners of their own restaurants, meaning that they will require expertise in handling administrative software to maintain inventory and ensure workplace efficiency. Executive chefs are also responsible for menu design, and reviewing the food being offered; sous chefs are the kitchen's second-in-command. If you want to work as a private chef, employment opportunities are also available in this field.

How To Become A Chef - The Educational Path
Simply knowing how to whip up an exciting meal is not enough to become a chef. In order to work in a professional environment, you will need formal training. Most students are encouraged to enroll in a degree program lasting two to four years which can help them acquire the basic training. A number of technical colleges and culinary arts schools offer these types of programs, which cover a broad range of topics. You will learn how to plan a menu, maintain workplace cleanliness, and learn how to purchase ingredients. In addition to this, you may also learn various cooking techniques which are used in different cuisines.

Following this education, you could apply for an apprenticeship with a restaurant or chef to apply your skills. An extensive list of potential programs is available from the American Culinary Federation. Through the rigor of these programs, you will be able to improve your efficiency and food preparation skills. Though certification is not necessary, it will help improve your employment prospects and may secure you a higher-paying job as well. The American Culinary Federation offers multiple levels of certification depending on your past experience and specialization - whether you're a pastry chef or a personal chef.

What Else Do I Need To Become A Chef?
Having a sharp business ethic and a flair for creativity are essential to being a successful chef. You should know how to manage the finances and the purchasing, as well as innovate continuously to keep customers happy. Good time management and multitasking skills are also extremely helpful in this career.

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