How To Become A Us Marshal

Becoming a U.S. Marshal is highly competitive, and may be quite lengthy as applicants have to go through several assessment phases. It could take around 9 to12 months to complete.

General Requirements
This position requires fulfillment of stringent requirements. First of all, candidates must be U.S. citizens and be between 21 to 36 years of age. They must have a valid driver's license with a clean driving record.  Prospective marshals should also be in excellent physical condition, and meet medical qualifications related to vision, hearing, and medical conditions. The required education for this job is a bachelor's degree. In addition to this, applicants must have acquired three years of work experience.  Alternatively, you may take a combination of the two to meet these requirements; this is equivalent to a GL-07 level. You would begin the selection process by applying to the Federal Career Intern Program for the United States Marshals Service. Applicants will have to pass different assessments and structured interviews. They must also pass a background investigation.

Training Program
The basic training program conducted at the United States Marshals Service Training Academy in Glynco, Georgia lasts for 17 ½ weeks. Selected candidates will be given rigorous training in the following areas:

  • Physical conditioning
  • Defensive tactics
  • High threat trials
  • Search and seizure operations
  • Firearms training
  • Officer survival
  • Surveillance
  • Legal training
  • Court security
  • Prisoner search and restraint

Participants will have to take a total of seven examinations during their training. In order to pass, they will have to score at least 70% marks in each exam. Practical exercises will also be offered that are associated with a pass/fail status. The bachelor's degree may be completed through an accredited online school, but the training has to be completed at the academy.

Employment Outlook
Once recruited, candidates will be working as GS-0082 series Deputy U.S. Marshals. They will have to sign a mobility agreement and a memorandum of understanding. This position is of level GL-07 and offers between $38,511 and $48,708. The exact figure is determined by the geographical location of employment. They may be placed at any of the 94 districts throughout the United States. A minimum of three years of service must be completed at the initial duty station. Available employment opportunities depend upon current on-going retirements, departures, and funding.

Main Duties
Their work involves:

  • Protection of federal judicial official including judges , jurors, and attorneys
  • Transportation of prisoners through coordinated ground and air systems
  • Management and forfeiture of assets acquired by criminals, so as to maximize the net return on them
  • Participation in tactical operations
  • Implementation of security processes for the protection of witnesses
  • Participation in fugitive operations

Work Environment
This line of work can be physically demanding, stressful, and could take its toll on your personal life. It may also be highly dangerous. Conflicts and dealing with criminals may result in fatal injuries. You will have to be prepared for frequent relocation and extensive travel on short notice. You will also be required to retire at 57 years of age; upon which you will receive social security, a pension, and a tax-deferred Thrift Savings Plan.


Q:What are the physical requirements to become a US Marshal?

A:The US Marshal is among the oldest law enforcement agency. to become a US Marshal, you must be physically fit and trained. The job can be demanding in many ways, requiring all professionals to undergo strict training. To find out what the exact requirements are for this job, it is best that you visit the official US Marshals web page.

Q:How long does it take to become a US Marshal?

A:The time duration will depend upon which academic path you pursue. All US marshals must undergo training from the main agency. You can visit the official web age of the US Marshals to find out what the training and educational requirements are. US Marshals is one of the oldest and most prestigious federal law enforcements agencies in the nation.

Q:Why to choose US Marshal as a career?

A:The US Marshals service is one of the oldest law enforcement agencies in the nation. US Marshals are high sought after, and highly competitive. If you plan to become a US Marshal, you will have to undergo extensive training and prepare for the challenging field. It is recommended that you visit the official web page to learn about their requirements.

Q:What are the general requirements for becoming a candidate for the US Marshal Service?

A:To become a US marshal, you'll usually have to complete a bachelor's degree in an area like criminal justice, law enforcement, sociology, or another related field. Moreover, you should be at least a 21 year old US citizen, and meet specific physical fitness requirements. All new US marshals undergo basic training as well.

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