Patient Care Technician

Overview of Field
Patient Care Technician education provides the students with the knowledge and skills that can enable them to assist doctors and nurses in a number of tasks. They can learn about basic patient care and phlebotomy in patient care technician programs. The students get to know about sterile dressing changing and glucose monitoring. Aspiring Patient Care Technicians also learn how to communicate with the medical staff and patients effectively. They can learn about the diagnostic procedures through Patient Care Technician courses as well.

Program Duration and Structure
Patient Care Technician programs generally span over 2 semesters. These programs greatly focus on the technical side of nursing care.

Eligibility criteria
Students who wish to become a Patient Care Technician need to have a high-school diploma or GED. Having good interpersonal and communication skills can help you to enroll in these certificate programs. Experience as a hospital volunteer can prove to be valuable for you to get into these training programs as well.

Highlights of Coursework
Patient Care Technician programs include courses such as medical terminology, clinical laboratory procedures and patient care techniques. You will learn about clinical medical assisting, phlebotomy as well as cardio pulmonary resuscitation in these training programs. The coursework in Patient Care Technician programs mainly focuses on medical techniques that are applied in Patient Care. Other than theory, you will also cover practical lab sessions in Patient Care Technician programs.

Career Prospects
Students with Patient Care Technician training can work at rehabilitation clinics, nursing homes and hospitals. They can also find jobs at wound care centre and medical laboratories.  Long-term care facilities and assisted-living facilities also require the services of Patient Care Technicians. They can earn around $18,000 - $35,000 annually.

Finding a School
Patient Care Technician education is offered by several accredited schools. Also, some online institutes offer courses in this field to encourage distance learning. Selecting the means of learning depends on the own choice of a student. However, it is essential to make sure that you get into an accredited Patient Care Technician school, be it campus based or over the internet.


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