How To Become A Minister

There may be a wall between the church and state in the US, but Americans, by and large, remain a God-fearing society as compared to their European counterparts. It is no coincidence that those running for public offices ensure getting photographed with religious personalities. Candidates who are not religious may not be scorned upon anymore, yet Americans still don't trust them holding the highest public service offices in the country. Religion is an integral part of an American's life and so is his/her local church's priest.

What Do Ministers Do?
If you are interested in performing a leadership role within your religious denomination, consider becoming a minister. They perform the following duties:Administer rites or ordinances

  • Train leaders of church
  • Visit people for example in nursing homes, hospitals, and prisons to provide them with spiritual support
  • Provide counseling to individuals and groups regarding their personal, emotional and spiritual needs
  • Provide information to those interested in converting to their religion or denomination
  • Write articles and share their thoughts and opinions with others by attending and speaking at religious forums
  • Organize and lead regular religious services
  • Prepare and deliver sermons
  • Read from the sacred text
  • Pray and promote spirituality

How To Become A Minister?
There is no one particular way to become a minister. Some denominations require their priests to be both religiously and worldly educated, while others may only require religious education and training. According to O*NET Online, a majority of priests with college degrees have a bachelor's degree, and follow that up with a master's degree. There are some of the clergy who may only hold an associate's degree, but this is rare. There are many colleges and universities offering degree programs in religion and theology, and this includes some prestigious universities. Others have their own schools of divinity. While degree titles may differ from school to school, students may have an option of enrolling in:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies
  • Master of Divinity
  • Master of Theological Studies
  • Master of Theology
  • Doctor of Theology

In addition to traditional on-campus degree programs, students may also enroll in online religious studies programs.

How To Become a Minister Online?
If you want to officiate at your best friend's wedding ceremony, your state may require you to become an ordained minister first. You should know that you can now become an ordained minister by going online, getting yourself registered with an online ministry of your choice and become an ordained minister. Your ministry will mail you the hard copy of your minister's license.

Benefits of Becoming an Ordained Minister
There are many benefits to becoming an ordained minisiter, for example:

  • Officiate wedding ceremonies - just like any other pastor, priest, or rabbi
  • Start a congregation - you may start your own church
  • Perform baptisms - officiate baptismal ceremonies
  • Perform a funeral - officiate and preside over burial ceremonies

There are a few ways of becoming a minister in the US. You should check with your local perish or church and also look up your state's and county's laws regulating how to become a minister.


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