Interior Design Careers

What is Interior Design?
Interior design is a creative field, where professionals work on interior spaces to make them functional and aesthetically appealing. Contrary to common perception, the work of an interior design starts before the construction of a building. Interior designers can help in planning spaces and making them useful. They customize space according to the requirements of the client and also add decorative items to it such as color, lighting, and materials. You may also find interior designers reading blueprints, studying building codes, and inspection regulations.

What Can You Study in Interior Design?
Interior design education has a broad spectrum and covers diverse areas. Coursework may vary from one institute to another. However, major topics covered in interior design education include design perspectives, planning for people, design elements, furniture selection, interior design business, green design and drawing a floor plan. Other courses may include color value and intensity, use of fabrics, client designer relationship, concepts of lighting, de-cluttering and organization, and entrepreneurship. Students not only learn the technical aspects of interior design, but they acquire business skills to engage with clients and manage their own businesses.

What Are The Careers In Interior Design?
After acquiring interior design education, students can opt for various rewarding paths. They can choose to work in several areas of interior design or they can specialize in one specific area. Interior designers can build their career while working in different work settings. They can work on airport interiors, amusement and theme parks, apartments and condominiums, art galleries, assisted living facilities, auditoriums, and concert halls. Interior designers are also required for corporate design, clinics and urgent care, cruise lines, health club, hotels, resorts, recreational facilities, and private watercrafts. Initially, interior designers may have to work as design assistants. Once they have the required experience, they can become interior design managers with a team of their own. They can also be construction managers, project managers, and consultants who work on different projects.

What Are The Skills Required To Become A Successful Interior Designer?
Interior designers belong to the services industry and they can only be successful if they keep their clients satisfied. Interior designers should be able to thoroughly understand the technical requirements of a client and project. While artistic and technical requirements are crucial, managerial ability also has an important share in a successful interior design career. Interior designers require time management skills, since they work on multiple projects at one time, and under tough deadlines. Besides, interior designers should know how to deal with a wide variety of people. Interpersonal skills can play an important role in their career. Interior designers need to communicate effectively and must be good listeners as well.

Can I opt For Online Education in Interior Design?
Online education in interior design can be a good option for those who cannot attend campus based programs. Students can study at their own convenience and create their own schedule with online education. They can also save on various education costs such as accommodation, textbooks, and travelling. Tuition fees for online education are also relatively less, as online institutes have a relatively cost-efficient setup.


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