How To Become A Stylist

Fashion Stylists
Fashion stylists have an eye for design, and are always up to date with the latest fashion trends. Fashion stylists have many exciting opportunities to display their creativity by styling clothes and choosing dresses for runway models, photo shoots, and advertisements. Fashion stylists are also needed to choose outfits for actors for various roles in movies and television shows. Some stylists exclusively work as personal stylists of celebrities.

How To Become A Stylist?
To start your career as a fashion stylist it is preferable that you have a college degree. You should only choose a degree program accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). An accredited degree meets the quality standards set by the industry, and employers also prefer applicants from accredited institutes. You could also enroll in an accredited fashion degree online program, as they provide flexibility and allow students to keep working at a full-time job while completing their studies. Also, online degree programs may help students save money because they would not have to pay for dorm rooms, transportation, meal plans, or many of the other fees that on-campus students must pay.

You may either complete an associate's or a bachelor's degree in fashion design, fashion merchandising, fashion technology, or any related major. Art and design courses could also help with the fashion stylist training. You will get to take courses in a diverse number of courses such as sketching, fashion illustration, fashion show production, and clothing construction. Other courses covered in the fashion degree program include tailoring, computer aided design, pattern drafting, block printing, and silk screening. Further training and practical experience in the field may be acquired by interning in the fashion industry. You could also gain skills and experience by working with clothing manufacturers or by working part time in the retail clothing sector.

Fashion Stylist Job Description
A fashion stylist typically performs the following tasks:

  • Choose fabrics, add-ons, colors, or styles for each item of clothing or fashion accessory
  • Provide personalized fashion advice according to a client's style
  • Develop contacts in the fashion industry
  • Attend many fashion and trade shows to research latest trends and styles
  • Purchase, borrow, and deliver clothing and accessories for the clients

Essential Skills
Fashion stylists should have the following skills to help them be successful in their career:

  • Excellent communication skills to persuade and express your ideas clearly
  • Public relation skills to deal with clients, dealers, and retail manufacturers
  • Outstanding sense of fashion in clothing, textiles, and accessories
  • Impressive presentation skills

Career Outlook And Salary
The competition is likely to increase in the fashion field. Career opportunities will be available for those who have earned a degree in fashion design, have an excellent portfolio, and industry experience. According the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay in 2010 was $64,530 per year and $31.02 per hour. There are a number of factors that determine the salary of fashion stylists. Salary may vary according to the store they are employed in, the number and types of clients they have, freelance projects at hand, experience in the fashion industry, and their location.

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