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Established in 1970, Walden University was launched with the aim of providing great quality distance education to students across the world. The university was pioneered by two brilliant teachers from New York who were seeking to develop innovative ways of facilitating the educational needs of adult learners. Walden University applies exclusive teaching techniques in order to shape the students into valuable members of the society.
 Walden University Online has advanced technological methods through which the students can interact effectively with the faculty members and fellow students. The highly qualified faculty members of the university ensure that the students participate actively in discussions. Exchange of new ideas and creativity are welcomed greatly as they help in boosting the knowledge base of the students. The interactive sessions with other students and faculty members enable the students in developing great analytical and problem solving skills as well.
The programs and the course work are effectively designed. A complete syllabus is provided to the students that include all the necessary details such as the grading criterion, assignment agenda and the learning objectives.
The degree programs offered at the Walden University Online comprise of the following:

  • Bachelor’s  Programs
  • Master’s Programs
  • Certificate Programs
  • Teaching Preparation Programs 
  • Individual Courses


These programs enable the students in becoming not only academically efficient but also in becoming valuable professionals.
Above 65% students at Walden University Online receive financial support. The university offers great funding options that include:

  • Low-interest loans
  • Federal aid
  • Scholarships
  • Interest free payments plans


This university is suitable for anyone who wants to get affordable yet the most high-quality education online

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