Colorado Technical University

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Founded in 1965, Colorado Technical University is an HLC accredited university. Originally the university was established as Colorado Technical College primarily with the aim of providing technical and vocational training to military professionals. Currently, the university is offering a large number of degree programs. It's one of leading career-oriented colleges based in the US. Colorado Technical University offers a very dynamic academic environment where students are provided with contemporary industry knowledge and skills.
The degree programs offered at the university comprise of:

  • Criminal Justice and Legal Studies
  • Psychology
  • Business and Management
  • Health Sciences
  • Engineering and Computer Science
  • Finance
  • Software Engineering
  • Hospitality Management

CTU offers a rich learning experience to a diverse student population through its online courses and programs. The virtual campus of Colorado Technical University comprises of several unique features such as; access to an online library, learning labs and CTU Online Communities.  There are numerous benefits of learning through online courses:

  • You can maintain a fair balance in your personal and academic life
  • You can achieve your educational and career goals simultaneously
  • You can effectively communicate with the faculty members and students online
  • Networking with individuals from diverse backgrounds can broaden your knowledge base

In order to make education more accessible, various financial aid facilities are offered to students from lower economic backgrounds. In case, you lack the financial resources to meet your educational expenses, you can easily apply for financial assistance at CTU. The university offers various types of Federal and Private Student Loans.

The technology focused programs at Colorado University can help you in advancing professionally. Besides that, the employers always prefer hiring graduates with degrees from well reputed colleges so studying at Colorado Technical University can bring a lot of job opportunities to you. Moreover, Colorado Technical University offers diverse career services to its students. The career counseling team provides assistance to students in areas like career planning and professional networking. These services enable you to explore and avail great career opportunities.  

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