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Liberty University is a private Christian university that was established in 1971 and is located in Lynchburg, Virginia. LU is currently the largest Christian Evangelical University in the world, the largest private university in the US and the largest university in the state of Virginia. The school gained university status in 1984 and currently enrolls almost 20,000 students on-campus while a further 60,000 students are enrolled in Liberty University Online courses. Liberty University Online is consistently ranked as one of the top ten online universities in the world. The university aims to provide a valuable education to students while keeping Christian values alive.
Degrees at Liberty University Online
Liberty University Online offers more than 140 degree programs at both undergraduate and graduate level. The university offers 6-12 month undergraduate diplomas and certification courses for people who are looking for a basic education. A 2 year associate's degree that can help students earn credits for further education is also offered in a large number of disciplines. The graduate courses at the university include 3-4 year bachelor's degrees and 1-2 year master's degree programs. Doctoral degrees are also offered by the university. Liberty University Online also offers a number of courses for high school students that allow them to start college early. This includes the 'Edge' program for 11th and 12th year students.
Degrees at all levels at Liberty University Online are available in a large number of subjects. Some of the most popular subjects that degrees are offered in include:
·  Accounting
·  Business Administration
·  Aviation
·  Nursing
·  Healthcare
·  Criminal Justice
·  Engineering
·  Psychology
·  Religious Studies
Online Degrees at Liberty University Online
Most of the degrees offered by the university are available through distance learning. As Liberty University Online is one of the highest ranked online education schools, the most up-to-now() technology and teaching methods are used to provide the best online educational experience possible. Learners can complete their education from the comfort of their own homes and attend classes at their own convenience. Stay-at-home moms and working professionals do not have to give up their existing responsibilities to attend a course at Liberty University Online.
Financial Aid at Liberty University Online
Liberty University Online offers a large number of scholarships in addition to accepting federal and private scholarships, grants and loans.
Liberty University Online Accreditation
Liberty University Online is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools while many of the programs are accredited by relevant accrediting bodies.

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