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So you have been working as a licensed practical nurse (LPN) for quite some time now and want to take the next step by becoming a registered nurse (RN). There are several LPN to RN online programs to enable you to do just that. With a recovering economy, you may not want to to leave your current LPN day job to attend classes in person, but online programs allow you to fit classes and coursework within your current schedule. Moreover, the average pay of a LPN is about twice as much as the minimum wage rate in the US. Considering that half of all RNs in the US earn more than $65,000 annually, becoming an RN appears to be "just what the doctor ordered."

Duties of Registered Nurses
Registered nurses are the support system of basically all medical facilities such as hospitals, rehab centers, senior citizen centers, and other medical care centers. Some of the primary responsibilities of RNs include:

  • Recording the various symptoms and medical histories of the patients
  • Creating treatment plans as well as altering existing ones according to the patient's response to the procedures performed on them
  • Operate, maintain, and monitor medical devices in use
  • Administers drugs to patients, both orally and intravenously
  • Guide the patients and their family members and loved ones in dealing with the respective diseases and complications

How Online LPN to RN Programs Work
Online LPN to RN programs are mostly designed to serve as a bridge between the two stages of nursing. Aspiring registered nurses typically have the option of going for a bachelor's of science degree in nursing (BSN) or enrolling in an accelerated learning-based associate's degree in nursing (ADN). The former degree usually takes 18  to 24 months to complete, which may extend depending on whether the student has any general education credits or not.  
Requirements for Enrollment in a LPN to RN Online Program
The requirements that a student will need to get into a LPN to RN online program is that the student should be a licensed practical nurse and working in a healthcare center or a medical facility. Transcripts of their previous courses also have to be submitted for evaluation and assessment against the admission criteria. Online tools and technologies even allow for a one-on-one audio-visual interview session to be conducted by the recruitment staff.
Typical Coursework Profiles
Whether the online LPN to RN program lasts for 12 or 24 months, students will be required to take all courses online. They will not be required to attend any lectures in person or be required to travel. Courses will be related to areas such as psychiatric nursing, adult health nursing, pediatrics, multi-system nursing, nutrition, microbiology, and chemistry.
If the online program is for a bachelor in science in nursing, students will also be exposed to courses relating to communications, leadership, social sciences, and critical thinking so as to prepare them for supervisory positions.
Salary Outlook
With more than 90% of all registered nurses earning more than $44,000 and the top ten percent drawing an annual income of more than $95,000, getting admitted into one of the LPN to RN online programs out there is a worthwhile investment.

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