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With improvements in medicine and life expectancies, the burden on the healthcare industry is increasing. As a result, there is now a higher demand for competent nursing professionals.. Licensed practical nurses (LPN) are professionals who are gaining popularity owing to their pivotal role in healthcare. These medical professionals act as the bridge between patients and doctors.

What Are The Responsibilities of A Licensed Practical Nurse?
LPNs typically work under the supervision of a registered nurse or a doctor, and are responsible for a variety of responsibilities which include, but are not limited to:

  • Recording patient vitals and maintaining a progress report on all patients.
  • Obtaining samples for laboratory testing
  • Ensuring all medication is provided to patients as per schedule
  • Stabilizing patient health in case of emergency

These duties form the core of patient care in a hospital setting, and it is their task to carry them out responsibly. Some nursing professionals choose to specialize in a particular area of medicine while undergoing their LPN training, which adds on specific responsibilities pertinent to that specialization. The options available to students who wish to specialize in a field range from geriatrics to family medicine.

What Personality Traits Do I Need As a LPN?
Having a meticulous work ethic is a prime asset in becoming a licensed practical nurse. The field you are in does not allow for any margin of error - patients' lives are at stake. Being able to handle long work hours and rigorous routines is also a plus because the shifts you work are long and difficult. Furthermore, good communication skills and a friendly attitude go a long way when you are interacting with patients.
Lastly, but equally as important, is the ability to handle pressure calmly and deal with crises effectively. There is no telling when a patient may experience a health complication, and as a medical first responder you are going to be responsible for bringing the patient's health back to normal levels.

The Typical LPN Program
Training programs for becoming a licensed practical nurse vary in duration between 1 year and 2 years. They are generally divided into two modules, focusing on theoretical training and practical applications. Your theoretical training will consist of courses that touch on biology, anatomy, chemistry, and immunology; with a focus on understanding the human body within a medical context. Following this, you will be introduced into a clinical setting and taught how to appropriately use different hospital equipment to carry out your duties and monitor patient health.

Online LPN programs in VA are gaining popularity as an option for students who want to complete their LPN training. These programs allow individuals with more pressing commitments - such as a full time job - to benefit and transition into a career in medicine. The coursework is split into components which students can work through at their own convenience, and the deadlines are much more flexible than in a traditional setting. Once you complete your training, the last step is to take a licensing examination before you can legally practice your profession in the US.

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