Lpn Programs in Ohio

Licensed Practical Nurses provide basic nursing care. They perform their duties and responsibilities under the supervision of registered nurses and doctors.

LPN Programs in Ohio
There are a selected number of institutes that offer a bachelor's degree in nursing. However, many institutions offer the License Practical Nurse (LPN) training program, which usually takes two years less than the bachelor's program and are also less costly. With internet, the access to LPN programs has become a lot easier. Many community colleges, vocational schools, reputable universities, and private medical institutes are now offering LPN programs online. The online LPN programs offer a number of benefits, over traditional programs. They are very convenient for those looking to get nursing education but cannot take out time for campus based education.

LPN Courses
Prerequisite Courses
Pre requisite courses are required before entering into the LPN program. These courses usually include the orientation course and the fundamental biology course. The purpose of the orientation course is to introduce students to the course outline and help them adjust in the educational environment. The biology course gives students the introductory understanding of biological concepts.

Advanced Courses
In the first semester students study the introductory courses of their chosen discipline along with Mathematics. In the second semester, the students expand their knowledge of the chosen discipline and also study some other courses, such as English, human anatomy and physiology. The third semester of LPN wraps up all the knowledge gained from the various courses and also prepares the students for the NCLEX-PN exam. The programs in the last semester also address the psychosocial roles of nursing and transition nurses face in their career.

Considerations - LPN Programs Ohio
There are some important factors to be considered while going for LPN programs in Ohio. It is preferable to keep in mind the factors such as the location of the school offering the LPN program, accreditation of the LPN program, specialty courses offered, and the NCLEX pass rate of the school. Cost should also be assessed but it should not be the only factor when making this decision.

LPN Duties
LPN nurses typically perform the following duties:

  • Monitor the health of the patient
  • Carry out basic nursing care such as changing bandages and inserting catheters
  • Care for the comfort of patients by helping them bathe and change
  • Talk to patients about healthcare and pay attention to their concerns
  • Report the patient' s health status to registered nurses and doctors
  • Maintain a record of the patient's health

LPN Career Outlook and Salary
Employment of LPNs is likely to grow by 22 percent between the years 2010 and 2020, which is actually faster than average for all occupations. A large number of LPNs will retire in the coming decade and the healthcare sector is already expanding all over. The hourly mean wage for LPNs in Ohio is around $19, while the annual mean wage for Ohio is a little more than $40,000.

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