How To Become A Yoga Instructor

americans are becoming more health conscious across all age groups. as a result, people are looking for fitness instructors -and in particular, yoga instructors - to help them get healthier. young adults are looking to yoga as a means of relaxation and meditation; an escape from their hectic routines. older adults who suffer from arthritis or looking for low-impact exercises to maintain their health may also benefit from yoga. if you want to know how to become a yoga instructor, read through our comprehensive guide and find out more about this profession.

yoga instructor training and licensing
in order to become a yoga instructor, you will have to first choose the type of yoga you wish to teach. different versions exist, and the programs for each vary in their rigor. a common place to start your hunt for a suitable program is at your own yoga center. often, the instructors offer training courses to help interested students become instructors. it is important to check with the center and clarify whether they are registered with the yoga alliance or not. this authority stamp adds credibility to your program. there are two levels of training, one which lasts 200 hours, and the other which is more intense and lasts 500 hours. all entry-level instructors must have completed the 200-hour program in order to teach their craft.

training for yoga instructors involves studying techniques and postures used in yoga, and also developing an understanding of the human body. because it is a spiritual exercise as well, some courses in philosophy are also covered to help you develop a greater understanding of the concept behind yoga. when looking for a program, consider your own time commitments. some courses are intense, with meetings occurring on a daily basis for a month. others may be spread over several months and the group will meet less frequently. if you are unsure of your own commitment to the program, it is best not to sign up for it; these programs can cost roughly $3000 to enroll. upon completing your training, you will be authorized under the yoga alliance as a teacher, and can use the acronym ryt (registered yoga teacher) before your name.

where can i expect to work?
once you are done with your training, you may work within a retirement home teaching the residents how to conduct simple exercises which alleviate stress and maintain their health. you may also work in a yoga center as an official instructor. smaller healthcare facilities may also be a good option, where patients can use yoga as a means of rehabilitation. the bureau of labor statistics has placed a particular emphasis on the expected growth of the yoga instructing profession. the current outlook for instructors shows a 24% growth, which is much faster than average. before you use this information on how to become a yoga instructor, pause to consider your own personality traits. if you are a good communicator and have a passion for teaching, this may be a great job for you.

Q:How much do yoga instructors make in a year?

A:Yoga instructors fall in the category of fitness instructors and trainers. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual income of these professionals is $31,720. The growth rate is high in this industry as people are becoming more health conscious. Yoga instructors basically specialize in this field and offer yoga classes for fitness.

Q:How long does it take to become a yoga instructor?

A:It can take anywhere from 2 months to 12 months to becoming a yoga teacher. There is no exact academic route to becoming a yoga teacher. You can enroll in a certification program after completing your high school education, or seek formal training from an institute. Practice is required to become a yoga teacher.

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