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Administrative assistants are crucial to the smooth operation of an office setting. They schedule appointments and staff meetings, maintain accounts, draft memos, and act as a buffer between employees and administration. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts high growth in this field in the upcoming decade, making it an appealing occupation. If you are interested in entering this profession, administrative assistant degrees may help you gain the training you need.

What Will I Learn in These Degree Programs?
Administrative assistant degrees are typically offered as two-year programs at community colleges, and they focus on building core skills needed in your line of work. Students will be taken through courses which help improve their organization skills, make them better managers and efficient workers, and more effective communicators in the workplace. They will also be taken through intensive coursework to better their understanding of computers and their use in creating documents and maintaining databases. Because a large part of the administrative assistant's work is dependent on written documents, students will spend much of their degree sharpening these skills.

Some administrative assistant degrees also emphasize coursework in basic bookkeeping, which helps give students an understanding of how to maintain financial records. Some degrees also cover topics such as network security as an added learning area. The aim of all this coursework is to help students become more responsible and precise in their actions, and be able to handle all the tasks required in their job with ease. They will also understand the proper procedure for filing paperwork and documentation for different purposes within an office setting.

Online Administrative Assistant Degrees
If you are interested in becoming an administrative assistant, it is also possible to obtain your degree through online programs. Online education is offered by many universities and colleges across the United States. They offer a convenient and flexible platform upon which you may continue your studies. All material is made available to enrollees through an online system. You can complete coursework and view lectures at your own convenience, regardless of time and geographic location. This freedom makes it very easy to accommodate your learning within your current lifestyle.

Another reason to consider online programs is the cost. Typically, online administrative assistant degrees are cheaper than their campus-based counterparts. This is because you are able to save on costs related to commuting to a campus to attend classes and other miscellaneous expenses related to on-campus education.

What Can I Do With This Degree?
Students with administrative assistant degrees could enter employment into a variety of areas. They could apply for positions such as Support Specialist, Executive Assistant, or Office Manager. They could also enter the healthcare industry as a medical administrative assistant. In order to do so, they will have to undergo some additional training, and may also have to complete a degree specific to this field. In the future, professionals could use the same learning experience to apply for more advanced degrees as well. This will further their managerial experience and allow them to take up more senior roles in the workplace.


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