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The popularity of animal care careers has skyrocketed in recent years. Whether it is opening up a doggy day care business or working at a local animal shelter, a number of challenging career options are available for individuals who enjoy working with animals. There are a number of non-profit organizations and associations that protect animal welfare rights, rescue animals from abuse, and work towards the conservation of wildlife. The growing industry has opened doors to a range of occupations. Just like any other academic discipline such as engineering or nursing, animal care has evolved as a distinguished academic field.

Students who wish to professionally join this field may prepare themselves by acquiring specialized education and training. Programs for animal care degrees are offered by many accredited schools. From animal care certificate programs to master's degrees in animal care, individuals may choose from more than one academic route.

Animal Career Degrees
Animal care degree programs are being offered by many schools throughout the nation. It is also possible to study this field online. These programs are designed to provide students with theoretical knowledge about animal care management, and the practical components that build skills needed for animal care careers.

Students will undergo a thorough study of management procedures, fundamentals of animal science, and behavior analysis of animals. The subjects covered in these programs will also highlight procedures and animal laws. Along with classroom learning, students will also develop a range of skills that are essential for initiating entry level careers. Students will acquire certain clinical skills such as attending to sick animals. It is important to keep in mind that the coursework will vary slightly from program to program. Some key topics covered in animal care programs have been listed below:

  • Kennel management
  • Basic grooming
  • Health and safety
  • Nutrition
  • Health maintenance

Degrees in animal care are also offered online by a number of institutes. Individuals who are already employed full-time, but wish to pursue further education in this field without sacrificing their career may choose online learning. Online learning may be more affordable, and allows students to study according to their own pace and schedule.

Career Opportunities
Programs for degrees in animal care help qualify you for a range of careers in different animal organizations. You could work in animal shelters, welfare organizations, zoos, game farms, grooming business, animal recovery centers, and at veterinary clinics. There are numerous job titles such as animal care assistant which are closely associated with the animal career industry. Animal care workers and pet grooming professionals typically require a license and formal training in most states. However, the licensing requirements may vary a little from state to state. The income level is likely to depend upon an individual's qualification, skills, specialty field, and employer organization. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated the annual median income for animal care and services worker to be approximately $19,970. This field may be a suitable career choice for those who enjoy working with animals as the growth rate is above average, and is expected to grow in the coming few years.


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