What is Homeland Security?

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was created in 2001 with the purpose of promoting homeland security, and ensuring smooth coordination of security efforts and activities among government organizations and private companies. Therefore, the primary goal of the Department of Homeland Security is to deal with any kind of threat that the nation may face.

Program Curriculum
Homeland security degrees
may be earned at several levels including associate, bachelor, or master's degrees. The degree you decide to pursue will depend on your prior education and career objectives. The curriculum will generally vary depending on the institute where you are enrolled. You will usually be required to take some core courses along with a few elective courses. This'll enable you to tailor your program according to your personal and professional preferences.

The coursework is designed in such a way that students learn about various bodies of law, the intelligence community, and national as well as international political, legal, social, and cultural environments. They study in detail about the cultural and political causes of terrorism, and the ways of dealing with them or finding solutions. Students are also encouraged to enhance their critical learning skills, so that they become able to deal with and manage crisis and solve problems.

Some examples of courses that you may come across include:

  • Homeland Security: Social and Ethical Issues
  • Homeland Security and Defense in Practice
  • Homeland Security Administration: Policies and Programs
  • Disaster Communication
  • Natural Disasters
  • Crisis, Disaster, and Risk Management

Online Education
Taking into account the popularity of distance learning education, there are many institutes that offer homeland security degrees online. Online programs offer many benefits. They prove to be cost effective and enable you to study within the comfort and convenience of your home. Online study is equally rigorous as far as curriculum and course content is concerned. If you are already working in some aspect of homeland security and want to learn more about the field or enhance your job prospects, then you may want to enroll in an online program. You will be able to schedule classes around your current work schedule, which would allow you to complete the program.

Employment Opportunities
Homeland security is a diverse field, with many job opportunities in areas like aviation, border security, emergency response, cyber security analysis, and chemical facility inspection. Graduates with a degree in homeland security may find job opportunities in local, state, or federal government and private companies as well as non-governmental organizations. Taking into account the nature of the work, prospective employers may require you to fulfill additional requirements like background checks or security clearances. Some titles of the positions in the field of homeland security include:

  • Homeland Security Agent
  • Private Security Consultant
  • Public Security Manager
  • Counter Terrorism Agent
  • Security Analyst
  • Emergency Response Manager

The exact job that you'll end up with will depend on a number of factors including your level of education, field of specialization, and personal characteristics and attributes.


Q:Are there affordable online colleges that offer homeland security degrees?

A:Yes, there are many online colleges that offer homeland security degree programs. You can search online to find out which schools are currently online programs. Online education has proved to be affordable as there are no costs of books or travelling included. Take a look at our page for more information.

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