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In today's super-competitive business environment, innovation is the key not only to surviving but also thriving. There are countless companies making different products but the company which is the most innovative is the one which is leads in sales and growth. The key to innovation and adaptability lies in research and application. It is through these factors that companies become more efficient and productive. Organizational psychology, also known as industrial and organizational psychology prepares managers and businessmen to create an ideal workplace for research and application.

Organizational Psychology Degrees
Organizational psychology degrees are offered by both traditional and online colleges and universities. In addition to bachelor's, master's and post-graduate degrees, interested students can also pursue short-term studies in organizational psychology by enrolling in diploma and/or certificate programs. A certificate in organizational psychology may be ideal for those pursuing to brighten their career prospects. The skills learnt may enable a professional to improve organizational performance and promote employee effectiveness. The duration of a certificate differs from school to school, however some may offer a 6-month certificate in organizational psychology. Curriculum and course requirements will also differ. Some certificate programs may require the successful completion of 3 courses (one compulsory and two electives) for graduation. Some of the courses offered may be titled as following:

  • Organizational Behavior
  • Organizational Consulting Skills
  • Organizational Culture and Design
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Work Team Dynamics
  • Legal Issues
  • Talent Management and Succession Planning
  • Strategic and Organizational Planning

A bachelor's degree in organizational psychology will require a certain number of credit hours and may be completed in 4 years time. The degree may be ideal for those students who are planning to make a career in organizational behavior, human resources, and general management fields. In addition to satisfying a university's general education requirements, students majoring in organizational psychology will be required to take courses in psychology, industrial organization and business.

Some psychology courses may be titled as:

  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Introduction to Social Psychology
  • Psychological Statistics

Some industrial organization courses may be titled as:

  • Introduction to Industrial Psychology
  • Introduction to Group Dynamics
  • Organizational Psychology

Some business courses may be titled as:

  • Managerial Economics
  • Marketing Concepts
  • Technical Writing

A master's degree in organizational psychology can be ideal for those willing to apply psychology to projects, benefitting both employers and employees. The degree may be completed in one or two years, depending upon the students enrollment status and some of the courses may be titled as:

  • Introduction to Organizational Psychology
  • Leadership and Strategic Change
  • Organizational Development
  • Work Motivation and Attitudes
  • Personnel Selection

In addition to successfully passing the courses, students may further be asked to either sit for a final exam or write a thesis.

Organizational Psychology Online Degree Programs
Pursuing an online degree in organizational psychology may be ideal for those who cannot commute to campus, prefer to study independently by making their own schedule and more. Working professionals may find this an ideal option to balance their work schedule as well as future goals and objectives.


Q:What does the industrial organizational psychology concentration trains students for?

A:If you choose organizational psychology as a concentration or major, you will gain insight on the relationship between psychology and management. The course will provide you with in-depth knowledge of different psychological practices and their implementation in the workplace. Communication, human diversity, conflict resolution, leadership and management styles are a few of the main topics covered in organizational psychology. Students majoring in this field can prepare for careers as organizational psychologists, human resource specialists, etc.

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