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Sociology is the study of human relationships and institutions. It covers a wide variety of social subjects both national and international. Sociology students are likely to cover topics on race and gender inequality, immigration and national integration, globalization, culture, religion, changing social norms, and family.

Sociology Degrees
ociology degrees fall under the department of humanities and social sciences. Sociology is one of the most popular degrees pursued by students, and almost every college and university offers degrees in this discipline. A bachelor's degree in sociology is usually a four year degree program in which the students study sociology of culture and religion, urban ethnography, regional and comparative studies, social inequality, social demography, migration and development, economic sociology and organizations, and advanced statistics. A bachelor's degree in sociology, like other degrees, is divided into core and elective courses. Some of the core courses may be titled as:

  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Sociological Theory
  • Sociological Research Methods
  • Claims and Evidence in Sociology

Admission requirements will differ from university to university, but students generally need a high school diploma, statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, SAT  or ACT scores, and TOEFL scores if applicable. Master and doctoral degrees in sociology are also offered by various universities. Some may admit students directly into their doctoral program after undergraduate degree. A doctoral candidate in sociology will develop independent research skills. He/she may undertake independent research projects under the supervision of faculty. A Ph.D. in sociology will include coursework, informal mentoring, independent study, and research assistantships.

A Ph.D. in sociology may take as long as four years to complete. A student applying for the doctoral program may have to submit his/her undergraduate and graduate transcripts, GRE scores, letters of recommendation, a personal statement, and published work.

Sociology Careers
A degree in sociology is an interdisciplinary degree which may prepare you for a variety of careers. An obvious career choice for many is to become sociologist. A sociologist does the following:

  • Design research projects to test theories
  • Advise and consult clients, policymakers, and others on sociological issues and research findings
  • Collaborate with other social scientists in conducting research
  • Publish articles in journals and present their findings in public forums
  • Analyze and draw conclusions from data
  • Collect data through surveys, interviews, and observations

A majority of sociologists work for schools, colleges, and universities. Others work for research and policy organizations like think tanks. They typically hold a master's degree or Ph.D. degree in sociology, and they may have prior work experience. In addition to becoming sociologists, students with an education in sociology may choose a career in high school and postsecondary teaching. However those with a bachelor's degree may decide to become policy analysts, statisticians, survey researchers, and demographers. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts 15% job growth in the sector from 2012 to 2022. Sociologists earned a median yearly salary of $74,960 in 2012.


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