Online Video Game Design Degree

The video game design industry has made a rapid shift from large scale productions to casual games, mobile games, and online games. The introduction of online, mobile, and casual gaming has allowed entrepreneurship to become an important part of creative technologies. If students gain expertise in game design from education and by their talent and hard work, they could make significant progress in the field.

Video Game Design Degrees
A number of degrees in video game design are now available for students to gain knowledge and experience in the field. Certificate and degrees are offered at various levels such as certificate, associate, bachelor, and master's degrees. Students could either look for programs that focus on video game art and design, or they could select programs related to game design and development. Even some animation degrees offer students to select video game design as a minor concentration.

Video Game Design Degrees Online
Online degrees in video game design could be a convenient and cost effective way to acquire education. The focus of online video game design degrees is on all aspects of the gaming business. The degrees cover several aspects such as gaming tools and technologies, game design, animation, game theory, and programming. Students do not only learn the technical skills related to game design, they also learn problem solving and analytical skills needed to carry out their work effectively.

Coursework of Video Game Design
The coursework for video game design may vary from one institute to another. However, there are some major courses that are covered by a majority of the programs. These courses are related to areas such as programming, designing, and prototyping. Major courses covered in video game design include multimedia, programming languages such as C++ and Java, digital media, algorithms, computer graphics, 3D animation, drawing, modeling, color themes, game design, physics, cinematography, and color theories.

Video Game Careers

Video Game Designers
The right skills and creativity could enable students to acquire fun and rewarding careers. One of the popular careers is a video game designer. Video game designers ensure that a new video game should be aesthetically pleasing and function appropriately. They also keep in mind the audience for the game while designing it. Video game designers work on various areas of game design, including the artistic aspect of it.

Story Board Artists
A video game story board is considered to be a vital aspect of where all the action starts. The task of video game artists is to come up with basic storyboards. Storyboards are used by artists and designers to understand the structure of the game, and how it will be played.

Video Game Artists
The focus of video game artists is on the graphics of the video games they are working on, such as static images and animation. Many video game artists specialize in working on certain artistic aspect of creating a new game. For instance, some artists work on the facial features of the characters, while others gain expertise in the scenery or the backgrounds of video games.


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