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Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist
A certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) is a professional with a Masters or post-graduate level training in the nursing field. These individuals are responsible for assisting doctors during surgery by administering anesthesia and overseeing the patient's health during and after the procedure. Training for becoming a CRNA involves undergoing a 2 or 3-year long degree program in a campus-based setting. However, a majority of people who wish to take these courses are currently working in the healthcare industry and cannot quit their jobs for on campus classes.  In order to facilitate these individuals, universities now offer online CRNA programs which can be used to attain the same qualifications in a more convenient manner.

Benefits of online education
Online CRNA programs may be a blessing for many. Because the material is uploaded to a virtual classroom, it eliminates your dependence on a campus-based setting to learn. Technologically, a fast internet connection and a computer, is all that online students need.  This may also save them money in commuting and on other expenses like textbooks and even accommodation. The deadlines may also be more flexible, granting students ample time to work at their own pace and develop a strong understanding of the concepts involved before moving on to other topics.

Standard online programs run for about the same duration as their traditional counterparts, though some institutions offer accelerated programs as well. When selecting a program, make sure that the curriculum it teaches has been approved by the state and all other relevant medical bodies. This is important, since you are required to take a national licensing examination at the end of your training, and only those who have completed the state-approved curricula are eligible to sit for the exam. Students may have to complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree before they can enroll in online CRNA programs. The requirements for different schools differs in terms of the academic standing required, but generally, having a GPA of a 3.0 on the 4.0 scale is considered a good standing to be in.

Training for the CRNA programs begin by supplementing your existing knowledge of biology, anatomy, physiology and biochemistry. In addition, you may take courses in pharmacology to learn the appropriate dosages of anesthesia in various scenarios. Furthermore, you may gain practical and clinical experience in the art of operating equipment correctly and monitoring the levels of anesthesia administered to the patient during the procedure.

Online CRNA programs may allow students to avail the same career options as traditional CRNA programs allow to its graduates. Upon completion of your degree, you may gain employment as a registered nurse anesthetist in a variety of settings, ranging from small clinics to major hospitals. In addition, you may assume greater responsibilities in your workplace. There are a few disadvantages though - online courses offer less interactivity between peers but the benefits of undergoing this training are far greater. You should definitely consider this as a potential option.


Q:What are the requirements and cost for a crna program?

A:A CRNA program is an advanced nursing program designed to help students prepare for roles as a certified registered nurses anesthetist. The program is offered by many institutions and credentialing organizations. Typically, the curriculum will entail advanced theoretical subjects and practical courses. Students must successfully complete each component of the curriculum and acquire a minimum number of credit hours. The degree requirements and costs will vary from institute to institute.

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