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Photography as a profession
The digital revolution has transformed photography from just a hobby to a highly specialized field. It is easy for anyone to pick up a camera and shoot a photo; however, professional training is necessary to be able to produce high quality photos which are the need of the industry today. A professional qualification in photography has become very valuable and offers many lucrative career prospects. To fulfill the need for good photographers, there are many art colleges which offer photography programs.

Photography programs
There are typically two types of programs available for professional qualification in photography; short training courses/diplomas and undergraduate degrees. Most colleges for photography offer both type of degrees. While it is easier, cheaper and quicker to do short training courses or diplomas, undergraduate degrees are more widely recognized and promise far better career options. Duration of short courses generally range from 1 to 4 weeks, diploma programs can be as long as 1 year while undergraduate programs are between 4 to 6 years.



Admission criteria and coursework
Short training courses and diplomas do not require any admission or qualification criteria. Anyone interested in learning the tips and tricks of photography can register for these courses. Such courses typically teach basic tools of photo editing and what techniques to use in various environments. Some of these courses which have longer durations may involve practical training in different environments, but most usually involve theoretical coursework.

Most renowned colleges for photography have strict admission criteria for undergraduate programs. To enroll in undergraduate programs, students must be graduated from high school or equivalent to be eligible to apply. In addition to this, students must provide portfolios based on guidelines specified by the college.

In addition to providing detailed theoretical education in photography and editing techniques, undergraduate programs lay heavy emphasis on practical training, history of photography and specialized fields such as photojournalism etc. Some undergraduate programs also include courses in mathematics, reading, writing and physics as these skills are also of values in some professional photography careers.    
Career prospects of a photographer
An aspiring photographer has numerous options to choose from within the field of photography, some of these are listed below:


  • Fashion photography
  • Wild life photography
  • Photo journalism
  • Travel photography
  • Sports photography
  • Event photography


Or if you wish, you can work as a freelancer and even open up your own studio. There are a host of possibilities and each of them offers great potential to talented and qualified photographers.

Q:Can you tell me about some of the subjects will be covering in Colleges for Photography?

A:Colleges that photography courses and programs will cover a wide range of topics such as the following: elementary photography, composition in Photoshop, staff photography, alternative process, landscape photography, digital portfolio, studio lighting, magic box revolutions, history of photography, and documentary photography. The exact coursework will depend upon the program you enroll in.

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