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What Do Fraud Investigators Do?
Securing a company against any kind of fraud is important if it wishes to continue functioning successfully. Workers may try to unrightfully claim compensation for injuries, or a client may be deceiving over certain costs. Fraud investigators are employed by a number of institutes to act as watchdogs. They work diligently to uncover cases of deception and fraud, and provide testimony in court if needed. These individuals possess exceptional analytical skills, where they need to pay attention to detail and uncover instances of fraud.

How Do I Become One?
If you are interested in becoming a fraud investigator, you will need formal training. This can be done through fraud investigation degrees. Educational institutes across the US offer programs which prepare students in the skills needed to excel in this field. These degrees are primarily interested in helping students become better at analyzing data, finding discrepancies, and following proper procedures to obtain information from their clients. Students will take courses in accounting, auditing, and finance. This knowledge is useful to those individuals who want to enter the insurance fraud investigation discipline. In addition to this learning, students will be taken through courses in law, designed to help them understand how to help prosecute a client suspected of fraud in the appropriate manner.

Fraud investigation degrees vary in their coursework, depending on the kind of field students eventually wish to enter. Some will emphasize training in the legal aspect over accounting, while others will go the other way around. Before you choose a program, you should be sure of what your professional goals are, in order to make a well-informed choice.

Online Fraud Investigation Degrees
In order to facilitate student access to education, many educational institutes are now offering fraud investigation degrees online. Whether you are interested in entering the field, want to improve your skills in a particular area, or are looking for a qualification to advance your career, these degrees are highly recommended. By enrolling in an online degree, you will be given access to the materials via an internet-based system.  You can work through the materials at your own pace and from anywhere you wish. The freedom afforded to students is excellent for those individuals who currently hold part-time or full-time jobs and cannot quit these for educational pursuits.

What Kinds of Jobs Are Available?
Upon graduating with a degree in fraud investigation, you will be able to enter a number of fields. Insurance companies are always looking for professionals who can evaluate claims and vet them for legitimacy. Even other companies may require professionals in the legal department, who will evaluate employee claims and provide due compensation where necessary. Corporate investigators will work with various company departments and function much like auditors, ensuring that all financial statements are accounted for and there are no discrepancies. In each of these areas, your expertise will be equally viable, and allow you to excel. O Net Online reports that fraud investigators earned a median annual wage of $61,160 in 2012.


Program Objectives
The Master of Science in Information Systems program offers a perfect blend of technical skills in information systems with knowledge and expertise in organizational and managerial issues. It bridges the gap between technology and business. Theses competencies enable graduates to work at managerial positions in information systems or computer science. Students will learn to act in response to disaster recovery situations and perform organization, control, and security planning. More importantly, the program explores in-depth the technological transformation of organizations, and integrates organizational and information cultures.

Admission Requirements
The specific admission criteria into a program are set by the individual school, but generally students are evaluated on the following­:

  • GRE General Scores
  • Undergraduate transcript (GPA)
  • Resume
  • Reference Letters

Some schools also require professional work experience of around two years. If English is not your native language, your evaluation will also include

  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score

Program Overview
The Master of Science in Information Systems generally takes two years of study. Accelerated degree programs are also offered that cover the essential skills in a shorter period of time. The coursework comprises of core, general, and specialized courses. The following are some of the Information Systems courses offered to students:

  • Data Mining and Knowledge Systems
  • Designing & Developing Web-based Systems
  • Financial Information Systems
  • Database Systems Design and Implementation
  • Network Security Fundamentals
  • Software Project Management and Development       

Along with these, students will be taking general business courses as well. The program also requires students to undertake a research project in an independent study format. This project will involve an exploration of the body of knowledge on information systems and contribution of cutting-edge research to the field.

Specializations Offered
Many students choose concentrations in the highest paid and fastest growing sectors of the IT job market. These include the following:

  • Database and Internet Technologies Specialization
  • Information Systems Security Specialization
  • Software Project Management and Development Specialization
  • Information Systems Management Specialization
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence Specialization
  • Information Systems Specialization
  • Medical Informatics Specialization

Online Education
If you are unable to quit full-time work or have other familial obligations, you could still earn your master's degree. Older individuals may prefer online education because they do not have to attend classes with younger students. By pursuing an online master's in information systems from an accredited institution, you could gain a quality educational experience. The coursework may be completed online in a flexible and convenient format. Classes may also be scheduled at times that are convenient for working individuals. Course material may be emailed to the student, or could be downloaded from online resources.

Career Opportunities
Almost every workplace needs an efficient computer system to function efficiently. The need for information technology professionals is expected to remain strong, and this degree program will advance your career in IT. Graduates of this program are employed by the information technology departments of various organizations, consulting companies, and software vendors. They could excel in the following careers:

  • Product Manager
  • Systems Architect
  • Internal Requirements Analyst
  • Programming Team Leader
  • Strategic Technology Consultant
  • Requirements Analyst
  • VP IT Operations
  • Development Team Leader


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