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Today, companies are relying more heavily on their internal computer network for multiple tasks. From data cataloging to problem solving to even basic document creation, computers are helping us become more efficient in the workplace and keep up with the rapid progress in the business world. Computer and information systems managers are professionals who are now facing a higher demand. These individuals are trained in managing a company or institution's computers and their networks. They ensure that the data transmission networks are secure against external hackers or viruses, are instrumental in upgrading software and hardware, and even manage a team of IT professionals under their supervision to ensure that the department runs smoothly. These same professionals may also go on to holding senior positions like the Chief Intelligence Officer or Chief Technology Officer.

Becoming a Computer Systems Manager
The most common way of entering this field is to obtain a bachelor's degree in computer information systems. These programs last between 3 and 4.5 years, but it will depend on the student's choice on enrollment status or how many credit hours per semester the student takes. Coursework will include teaching you the fundamentals of network security, understanding how information systems work, and enhance your knowledge of programming and electronics. A bachelor's degree program will cover a broad range of topics, so students will pick up a highly versatile skill set as a result.

Because of the recent surge in popularity, many working non-computer related professionals may also be interested in transitioning into this field. However, the idea of leaving their current job to pursue an undergraduate degree may seem unfeasible. There may also be some older students who wish to return to college, but feel uncomfortable with the idea. For these types of potential students, there is now a solution in the form of online computer information systems degrees.

Benefits of an Online Program
The most obvious benefit of an online program is convenience. With the course materials available on the internet, you are free to work through coursework from any location at your own time. There are deadlines to follow, but the overall framework for the courses is much more flexible. Saving money is another reason you should consider an online computer information systems degree. Most programs cost less than their campus-based counterparts, and you may also save money by not having to relocate or not needing to commute to a campus. For individuals who are currently working another job, this option is great because it allows you to benefit from completing your education without compromising on your current lifestyle.

Job Outlook
Individuals with sufficient industry experience - about five years - with an undergraduate degree in this field should feel positive about their outlook. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics not only projects the growth in this field at 18%, which is faster than the national average, but computer information systems managers could make $115,780 per year, which was the median annual salary in 2010. Large corporations with an emphasis on in-house computer solutions are potential employers.

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