Associate in Criminal Justice

If you invest in quality education, you could increase your career opportunities in the field of criminal justice. Although, the minimum education requirements for some careers within criminal justice are high school diploma or some college education, an associate in criminal justice will prepare you for several entry level positions in the highly competitive job market. Employers may prefer candidates with a college degree, so earning an associate's degree could be beneficial when applying for legal positions.

Associate's degree programs in criminal justice offer a balance of theory and applications. Coursework offered in criminal justice associate's degree programs could vary from one institute to another; however, there are some major courses offered by almost all criminal justice programs. Major areas in criminal justice coursework include criminology, criminal evidence, criminal procedure, policing, and introduction to corrections. Criminal justice schools also offer courses in criminal justice report writing, constitutional law, computer applications, and principles of management.

The coursework may also consist of courses related to the national criminal justice system, correctional organizations, and law enforcement agencies. You could acquire knowledge on rules of evidence, philosophy of criminal law, and basic investigative techniques. These programs also enable you to gain communication, critical thinking, organization, and research skills.

Criminal justice is a broad field with a variety of specializations. It is an important decision to choose an area you wish to specialize before starting a program, so that you know which courses to take. Some of the criminal justice specializations are private security, immigration enforcement, criminal justice administration, criminal investigation, and probation and correction. You could select an associate's degree in criminal justice according to your career goals. The following are some of the associate's degrees offered in criminal justice:

  • Associate of Justice
  • Associate of Science in Criminal Justice
  • Associate of Arts
  • Associate of Applied Science.

Online Associate's Degree
Online classes in criminal justice are an option for individuals who are working full time or those who are unable to attend classes on a campus. Since criminal justice programs make use of both theory and practical skills, you will find some hybrid programs that combine online classes with hands-on sessions. If you take an online program, you will need to complete both theory and practical coursework. However, if you have prior relevant experience, you may be exempted from completing an internship or certain courses.

Benefits of Online Programs
There are several benefits of online classes when compared to campus based programs. Online classes in criminal justice will give you a lot of control over your time. You are able to create a class and study schedule that could fit within your current schedule. Also, you could access your online education from just about anywhere, as long as you have a computer or laptop and an internet connection. Online programs use several online learning resources to provide course content to their students: video lectures, live chats, online forums, eBooks, email, and many other learning tools. Despite the flexible nature of online courses, it is important that you take them seriously. You must stay consistent, follow a schedule, and meet deadlines in a timely manner to excel in online programs.


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